The Mind & the World

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The Mind and the World

1. The Nature of the Mind

And God said,

Let us make man according to Our image and likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,

and over flying creatures of heaven, and over the cattle and all the earth,

and over all the reptiles that creep on the earth.

And God made man, according to the image of God He made him, male and female He made them.

And God blessed them, saying,

Increase and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the seas

and flying creatures of heaven, and all the cattle and all the earth, and all the reptiles that creep on the earth

{Genesis 1:26–28}

And God formed the man of dust of the earth,

and breathed upon his face the breath of life,

and the man became a living soul

{Genesis 2:7}

Πνευμα Θειον το ποιησαν με, πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος η διδασκουσα με…

the Spirit of God is that Who formed me, the breath of the Almighty is that teaches me…

{Job 33:4}

For with Thee is the fountain of life:

In Thy Light we shall see light

{Psalm 35(36):9}

Thou, O Lord, will light my lamp: my God, Thou will lighten my darkness

{Psalm 17(18):28}

If you love Me, keep My commandments.

And I will petition the Father, and He will give you another Comforter,

that He may remain with you forever: the Spirit of Truth Whom the world cannot see,

because it does not see Him nor know Him.

But you know Him, for He abides with you, and shall be in you…

{John 14:15–17}

the Comforter, the Holy Spirit Whom the Father will send in My Name,

He will teach you all things…

{John 14:26}

Grace to you and peace be multiplied by a full knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

As His divine power has bestowed upon us

all pertaining to life and godliness through the complete knowledge

of the One calling us via glory and virtue

{2 Peter 1:2–3}

The human mind is the creation of God – a living being that came to life, because the act of creation was actualized by the unity of

Divine Power

↓        ↓

     Divine Law ← → Divine Energy

The human mind comes to life

–– because of the will–power of God the Father

–– through Λογος, Αγια Σοφια – the Holy Wisdom and Eternal Law, the Word–God

–– with Πνευμα το Αγιον – the Holy Spirit of God {John 1:1–13; 3:5–7; 4:24; 14:6–26; 15; 16:13–15; 17:1–26; 1 John 5:5–10; 1 Corinthians 6:19–20; Genesis 1:26–28; 2:7; Isaiah 11:2; Wisdom 2:23}



↓        ↓


                           Ο Λογος, Αγια Σοφια               Ο Παρακλητος, το Πνευμα το Αγιον


The Human Mind


A human being formed from the dust of the earth became the living soul only after God breathed in his face the Πνοην Ζωης – Breath of Life {Genesis 2:7} that is the immortal spirit of man who was created in image of God and likeness {Genesis 1:1–2, 26–27; John 1:1–13; 3:3–7; 4:24; 6:63; 14; 17; 1 John 1:1–5; 4:13; 5:4–8; 1 Corinthians 6:19–20; Psalm 103(104)30; Ecclesiastes 12:7; Wisdom 2:23}. A human being created by God lives by the Divine energy and the Divine power –– the life–giving Πνευμα – the Spirit of God {Psalm 103(104)30}.

Although all creations of God are the derivative–creations of the Divine energy, only a human being may receive the Holy Spirit.

The original man – Adam – created from the dust of the earth became the living soul by receiving the Breath of God, and the original nature of man is defined as the image and likeness of God Who is the Almighty Spirit referred to by the Word–God and perceived by Moses, the prophets, and the Apostles as the Fire – the Holy Consuming Fire, and as the life–giving Spirit teaching the Truth and bestowing wisdom {Genesis 1:26–28; 2:7; Luke 12:49; 9:54–56; John 14:6–26; 15; 16:7–16; 17; Deuteronomy 4:24; 4 Kings 1:10, 12; Psalm 10(104):4, 30; Hebrews 12:28–29}.

The mind lives by knowledge: it perceives–accumulates–consumes–creates–disseminates–shares (or hides) knowledge.

Knowledge is the substance of the mind, the meaning of life, the food and the results–fruits of the mind’s existence: knowledge defines the nature of man.

What is knowledge?

The one could infer the most complete definition of knowledge

in the times of The Old Testament – from the Book of Job {Job 32:8; 33:4}

in the times of the New Testament – from the Gospel According to John and Epistle of St. Peter the Apostle {John 17:3; 2 Peter 1:2–11}.

Presumably, the Book of Job was written more than 4000 years ago, in the twenty–first or twentieth century BC, about the time of Abraham, at least seven centuries before revelation of the Law given through Moses.

So, what people of the remote Past knew about the nature of man and the nature of knowledge?

The young man – Elius the son of Barachiel, one of those who came to comfort Job during his trial, said remarkable words: it is not time that speaks, although men imagine presence of wisdom in many years; there is a spirit in the mortal one, and the breath of the Almighty teaches him. And again: the Spirit of God is that Who formed me, the breath of the Almighty is that teaches me {Job 32:8; 33:4}. All this with understanding that man is formed out of clay {Job 33:6} – γη, the temporarily structured matter, as Isaiah the prophet also wrote thirteen centuries later, in eighths century BC {Isaiah 45:9; 64:8}.

Hence, 4000 years ago, Elius knew the nature of man and the nature of knowledge: both are creations of God the Almighty Whose Spirit formed man and teaches him. The Spirit of God creates and sustains both facets of life –

1/ life of the reasoning, intelligence, intellect, understanding – all that is called the mind

[[and all that is created→empowered←taught by πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος – breath of the Almighty God]]


2/ life of a human body that carries the spirit given by God the Spirit

[[formed by Πνευμα Θειον – the Spirit of God and living by πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος: the Divine Energy – breath of the Almighty God]]

within the world of the material things

In the times of Job, the wise ones knew that the Spirit of God is that Who formed man, the breath of the Almighty is that teaches man. Job accomplished the purpose set before the Old Testament’s man: he understood that the highest wisdom is in adherence to God and observance of His commandments, which all are about the good–life that is not compatible with the evil–death. Consequently, Job inferred that abstaining from the evil is the essence of human comprehension. Furthermore, Job’s behavior was consistent with his understanding and with verbal expression of his beliefs. God rewarded him for the steadfast faith, adherence to God, and keeping sanity during the worst time of his trials. It is written that Job will rise again with those whom the Lord raises up {Job 42:7–17}.

After Job and Moses, generations of men formed by the Spirit of God and lived by the breath of God –– knowledge of the unlimited mercy and perfect love of God –– passed through the face of earth leaving to their offspring the precious legacy:

understanding that to be firmly established in God is the entire righteousness and to contemplate His power is the root of immortality {Wisdom 15:3}

the purpose: to be prepared for the meeting with the Messiah.

This purpose was accomplished when the chosen ones accepted revelation of the Word–God Who gave human beings

the knowledge that is the everlasting life

the authority and courage to know that they are the sons of the Light – the ones who live by the Spirit of God Who they are empowered to call Father and that their destiny is to form the elect race of the people of God: the sons–servants–slaves–priests of the Almighty God {John 10:1–18, 25–30; 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter 2:9–10; 1 John; Ephesians, Colossians; Galatians; 1 Thessalonians 5:4–11; Revelation 22:1–5}.

The destiny of the people of the New Testament is easier that the destiny of the people of the Old Testament: God made the straightway for the Christians leading them to His kingdom – their city of habitation, the House of God {Psalm 106(107):7; Isaiah 42:16; John 10:1–18; 14:1–3; 17:24–26}. For them, God turned darkness into the light, because the Light of God came revealing the mercy and grace of God and we, the Christians, have met and recognized our Savior and Redeemer – Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word of the Almighty God the Father.

Now the purpose of a Christian is to live according to His words–commandments, so his mind would obtain the highest wisdom that those who live on the earth may be empowered to obtain: to accept the Love of God and the live–giving Truth – the Son of God, the Word–God, to evolve into the likeness of the Word–God by observing His commandments, to become the carrier of the Holy Spirit – the temple of the Living God, the firstfruit of new creations whom God created for the eternity in His kingdom {Matthew 5; 6; 7; 22:36–40; 25:31–46; Mark 4; 12:28–34; Luke 6:17–49; John; James 1:16–18; 1 Peter 1; 2 Peter 1:2–11; 1 John; Colossians; Ephesians; Revelation 22:1–5}.

Hence, the Christians perceive Lord Jesus Christ as the completeness of perfection: the Holy Wisdom, the Perfect Love of God the Father, and the Omnipotent Authority. By the grace – mercy and love – of God, they are sanctified by Truth: by the Word–God Who empowers them to live by the Holy Spirit and to be taught by God {John 1:1–18; 14; 15; 16; 17}. As St. Peter the Apostle explains {2 Peter 1:2–11}, through the complete knowledge of God, a human being receives everything needed for life, godliness, and evolution–preparation for the eternity {in: John 17}: through the knowledge of God, the mind obtains the energy of life and the power to evolve for the eternity.

In summary,

–– the mind lives by the Divine energy of the Almighty God – πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος – referred to as breath of life {Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4}

–– the Divine origin defines and sustains the uniqueness, individuality, and dignity of man created in image of God and likeness to dominate, toil, cherish the world given by God to His creation {Genesis 1:26–28; 2}

–– life of mind is creation of thoughts–knowledge; the knowledge of life is embodiment of the eternal Divine life–giving and life–sustaining energy issuing from God

–– creation of thoughts is embodiment of the Divine energy coming from God into knowledge by which the mind lives: accomplishes the purposes of own existence at the Earth and evolves for the next phase of existence – the eternity with God

–– knowledge is the Divine energy embodied into thoughts of man

–– knowledge is substance and essence of the mind and power to act according to the thoughts–plans–devices created by the mind

–– process of creation is the process of embodiment of knowledge [[created from the Divine energy received from God]] into all that is the meaning of human life and material things, with which human being sustains own existence.

–– the purpose of life at the earth is development → evolution/preparation for the next phase of existence: the eternity with God; the one accomplishes this purpose because he receives the Divine energy of God by which he thinks and lives.

A new being, the firstfruit of new creations of God, the likeness of the Word–God – a Christian, receives the Almighty Holy Spirit Giver of life, wisdom, and knowledge Who teaches the Truth and leads into the eternity with God { John 1:1–18; 2:19–21; 3:13; 5:11–12; 14:6–26; 15; 16:7–16; 17; James 1:18–25; 1 Peter 1:3–25; 2:1–10; 1 John 3:1–18; Ephesians 1; 2; 3:14–21; Colossians 1:9–22; 3:10–17; Romans 8; 1 Corinthians 3:9, 16–17; 6:19–20; 15:45–58; Revelation 21:1–7; 22:1–5}.

Hence, the natural ability/capacity to carry the Spirit of God is re–created by the Son of God – the Word–God because of Whom the Holy Spirit comes –– to His followers directly and explicitly {Matthew 18:20; Mark 16:15–20; John 14; 15; 16; 17; Acts 1:1–10; 2:1–4} and potentially, to all {John 10:1–18, 27–30} who would come to faith in Him, believe in Him and love Him by observing His commandments: the Divine nature distinguishes a human being from all creations of water and earth and elevates him at the level of a being incompatible with all of them.

Consequently, any reference to man as an “animal” of any kind – by flesh, social, political, etc., or as to a property of another man, society, community, or any human establishment is blasphemy and abomination to God, assassination of a human spirit, and an attempt to deprive God of His Own possession:

it is an attempt either to exclude God from the created by Him world or downgrade God at the level of the matter

it is annihilation of the image of God within the being created in the image of God and destined to carry the image of God and to live by the breath – Spirit – of God

it is deprivation of spiritual life because only the breath of life breathed by God makes a human being the living soul

it casts man down at the level of the animated matter – living creatures produced from the matter [[water, earth]], which human being was created to dominate.

Hence, the human mind is the perfect creation, the co–worker, field, and building of God, the system–creating reality serving the purposes of God only when it is focused on God the Creator, and so, is tuned to the divine energy of creation and is acting/working with the wisdom–power given by the Holy Spirit.

After redemption of the world accomplished by Lord Jesus Christ, a human being might evolve into an immortal child of God born of God, because of the authority given by the Word–God. This authority is the ability to be baptized by the Divine Fire – by the Holy Spirit: to be born of God, and to become a firstfruit of new creations of God, the likeness of the Word–God created in Christ and by Christ {Deuteronomy 4:24; Psalm 103(104)30; 106(107); Matthew 3:7–12; 5:14–16; Luke 12:49; John 1:1–13; 3:3–8; 14; 15; 17; James 1:17–25; 1 John 3:1–3; Hebrew 12:28–29; Ephesians 2:4–10}:

–– the lamp ignited by God and carrying the Light of God

–– the carrier of the Holy Spirit

–– the temple–dwelling of God the Father and His Son, the Word–God

The human mind is a child of the Light ignited by the Divine and Holy Fire, the Almighty Spirit, All–forgiving Perfect Love, our Lord God, Creator, Father, and Redeemer {Deuteronomy 4:24; Psalm 17(18):28; 35(36):9; Matthew 5:17–18; Luke 12:49; John 1:1–18; 3:3–6, 16–21; 4:23–24; 8:12; 9:4–5; 10:14–18, 30; 12:44–50; 14; 15; 16:7–16; 17; 1 John; James 1:17–18; Hebrew 12:28–29; 1 Thessalonians 5:4–5; Revelation 21:1–7, 23; 22:1–5}.

Then, the essence of the mind is the Divine energy of God: the mind lives by the Divine energy of God, and the essence of knowledge, which is the life of mind [[the true knowledge that the mind perceives, accumulates, creates, disseminates as truth derived of the knowledge of the Word–God]], is also the derivative of the Divine energy – the gift and the blessing of God Who sends the Holy Spirit to make alive, to instruct, guide, lead, and to teach His people as He has done it to the Hebrew Prophets and His other servants { Matthew 10:1–38; Mark 6:7–15; Luke 10:1–24; 11:9–13; John 14; 15; 16:7–15; 17; 1 Peter 1:10–12; 2 Peter 1:19–21; 1 John 4:13; Romans 8; Nehemiah 9:20; Isaiah 42:16; 43:2–4; 63:11–14}.

2. The Mind and the World

Grace to you and peace be multiplied

by full knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

..His divine power has given to us

all things pertaining to life and godliness

through the complete knowledge of the One

calling us via glory and virtue

{2 Peter 1:2–3}

In the day of departure (death), the breath of man shall go forth, and he shall return to the earth out of which he was taken. In that day, απολουνται παντες οι διαλογισμοι αυτων – all his thoughts/intentions/considerations shall be put/sent away, released {Psalm 145(146):4}: man who is the earth shall return to the earth, and his spirit shall return to God Who gave it {Genesis 2:7; 3:20; Ecclesiastes 12:7}.

Speaking of departure of man who has to return to his eternal home (by passing through death – the separation of the spirit/soul–energy from the body/matter), Ecclesiastes {Ecclesiastes 12:5–7} employs images of the silver cord that cannot uphold (μη ανατραπη) its burden, golden fastener crushedΣ1, and pitcher broken at the fountain. All mentioned things (cord, fastener, pitcher) have one common feature: they sustain/hold something together.

So, both texts refer to dismantling of some assemblage or wholeness; in this case – a human being who thinks and acts and lives as the unity of the earth– matter–dust/body and energy–spirit/soul/mind:

the Psalm tells about thoughts–considerations–reasonings released, set at liberty (απολουνται) at the day of man’s departure

Ecclesiastes speaks of the silver cord, which is unable to sustain–consolidate–hold something together, of the golden fastener, which is crushed into pieces and is unable to sustain the wholeness, and of the broken pitcher, which is not suitable to carry water from the fountain.

Therefore, a living human being who is a wholeness/unity of earth/matter and energy/spirit–soul–heart–mind exists if the wholeness/unity is kept together by some wholeness–maintaining factor.

With the systems terms, the one could identify this wholeness–maintaining factor, which all generations could not and cannot control (otherwise, there would not be death), as

the Code

[[the Law, the Word – Λογος]],

according to which the system

[[being/unity of the matter and the energy]]

is sustained within the time–space–complexity settings

[[set/arrangement of the energy–fields]]

until its purposes

[[e.g., creation of something as a result–outcome of a complete cycle of transformations

of the divine energy of creation at some time–space–complexity settings]]

are completed

When the purposes are completed, the complexity parameters are changed, and if the system becomes irrelevant [[for instance, as it happens, when the system is not capable of further development, and therefore, would not be operating at new – advanced – level of complexity]], it has to be dismantled, so its resources would serve the next cycle/generation.

The Code/Law defines the natural existence [[that is existence in compliance with/according to the nature created according to the Law and controlled by the Law]] as evolution sustained with the change of complexity parameters. In brief, complexity might be explained as a degree of advancement toward the optimum.

From the theological point of view, the optimum is dwelling with God: the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ that is the everlasting life {John 14:15–26; 17}. Hence, the optimal state of the mind should be the state of complete knowing, or as St. Peter the Apostle writes {in: 2 Peter 1:2–11}, the full–complete knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, through which the one obtains all things pertaining to life and godliness, might become the partaker of the divine nature, escape the worldly corruption, and enter the eternal kingdom of God – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

For achievement of this optimum, the one needs the set of qualities fastened together by diligence and sustaining each other: faith, virtue, knowledge, self–control, patience, godliness, brotherly love, and love, which in their synergy might bring the perfect fruit of full knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ {2 Peter 1:3–8}.

From the practical point of view, the one could define this optimum as the unity of

a/ the complete knowledge

b/ potency/power to create

c/ energy, which enables actualization of the maximal potency of creation.

In daily life, this optimum could be discerned as the pattern of thinking and working defined by three factors:

1/ the complete comprehension → cognition → assimilation → creation of true knowledge

of the evolving world created by God and given into the dominion of man

2/ the maximal potency of the works of the good – the optimum of creative abilities of the good –

that secures accomplishment of the purposes, which comply with the law of God and therefore, actualize the will of God

3/ creation of the good with the maximal potency of creation

achieved via assimilation of the divine energy–power – wisdom–knowledge of God given to the mind by the Holy Spirit

in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God,

Who has become the foundation–framework – Στερεωμα – of a human mind that lives

a/ according to the law/commandments/words of God

b/ by love of God

3/ for the sake of accomplishment of the will of God

There is a division between the temporal world opened for the comprehension by the human mind and the eternal realm, from which the knowledge comes into the world of men. The knowledge from above is closed for the mind that has confined itself within the temporal world of the structured matter [[e.g., the mind of materialist, atheist, apostate, idol–worshiper]] and therefore, is not empowered for acceptance of knowledge needed for the next phase of existence – eternity with God. Such a mind neither has power to perceive/recognize this knowledge nor has abilities to learn it {e.g., in: John 14:17, 30; 15:5–6}.

In the beginning of His mission, during conversation with Nicodemus {John 3:1–21}, the Lord speaks of division between the earthly and heavenly things, between being born of flesh and being born of Spirit. Only the Son of man, Who dwells in heavens and descended unto the earth, is above all; no one has gone up to the heaven, except the One Who came down from the heaven. In the end, when the mission of the Word–God within the world is almost complete, He speaks of the knowledge that He gave to those who are given to Him from the world – the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ that is the everlasting life {John 17:3–8}. God also explains how to obtain the eternity {John 14; 15; 16:7–16, 27–28, 33; 17}:

through faith in Lord Jesus Christ and love – that is the complete knowledge – of Him,

Who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and Who is One with the Father,

through keeping (observance and accomplishment) of His word

love of God comes

God makes His dwelling with His creation

by sending His Spirit to teach and guide and illuminate them and to be with them

all this in the name of His Son – Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God – the Law and the Glory of God

St. Paul the Apostle speaks of the different gifts of the Holy Spirit Who gives knowledge granted by God to those who, as St. Paul the Apostle writes, ημεις δε νουν Χριστου εχομεν exactly/just follow the reasoningΣ2 of Christ. The different gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to the different minds for different works, although there is only One God Who is working all in all {1 Corinthians 2:15–16; 12:4–25}.

If to recognize that each work is actualization of some knowledge, and if to accept the truth of the referred above texts of the Holy Scriptures, the arrangement of the world unfolds as the actualization of the Law–Will–Word of God accomplished by the multitudes of the living beings {Daniel 7:9–10} created by God and existing at different levels of complexity (power–energy–abilities to comprehend–create–actualize particular knowledge) determined and controlled by the Law of God. The unity of these inter–connected inter–related and inter–dependent multitudes –– all of them defined and sustained by the Law/Word of God and differentiated by different levels of cognized knowledge–achieved power–given energy –– composes the harmony of the living universe that is evolving toward its optimum: abundance and fruitfulness of the good created, sustained, and maintained by the Absolute Good – the Perfect Love and the Omnipotent Power of God.

Hence, the arrangement of the temporal world, within which different minds have to be prepared for their place within the everlasting realm of God and for accomplishment of the different purposes according to the will of God, has to be sustained by arrangement of the different levels of complexity – firstly, by different potency of knowledge that reflects the Law of God within the particular settings. Existence of each mind begins at the initial level of complexity and proceeds up to the maximal level of complexity, or toward the maximal potency of learning and comprehension, which is called wisdom that comes via love to God, knowledge of the Law of God, observance of the Law of God, and life according to the Law of God.

Two laws of irreversibility sustain evolution as the advancement toward optimal potency accomplished with learning of new knowledge within the world of men: the law of irreversibility of cognition and the law of irreversibility of the matter, which has been structured for achievement of a particular purpose.

The more the mind learns the more it advances toward the maximal potency, the full actualization of which is one of its primary purposes within the temporal world of the structured matter. The knowledge of God holds the world – the net of the minds that work for God – as the unity and sustains its life. The minds without knowledge of God compose the assemblage of disintegrating worlds of death – the harvest fields of death, in which the arch–evil consumes corrupted perverted rotten human dust.

What then, is this knowledge that defines life and development–evolution of the mind and initiates evolution of the world that accommodates the evolving mind’s existence? This knowledge is the knowledge of God: each mind receives as much knowledge of God as it is enabled/empowered {John 15:4–5} to comprehend. Through the knowledge of the Law of God and therefore, knowledge of God Who gave this Law, the mind learns to comprehend the creations of God, including the world given into the dominion of man.

The Book of Wisdom {Wisdom 7:15–22} refers to veracious – true and exact – knowledge (γνωσιν αψευδη): the nature of world and nature of the living creatures, μεταβολας καιρων (circuits of periods, or in the contemporary terms, life–cycles of realities/systems, the moment of completion of which is καιρος), the nature of things, the reasonings of men, and other things – secret and manifest that define the practical meaning of human wisdom, which sustains survival of human beings, secures prosperity and abundance of the world, and facilitates preparation for the next phase of existence. This wisdom is the most precious gift of God that He grants to the human mind that is His Own possession {e.g., in: Malachi 3:17; John 10:27–30; 17:2–6}.

In summary, the one could infer that within the world given into dominion of men, the mind

either lives by the knowledge given by God


is slowly choking with the figments of corrupted human imagination intently bent upon the evil –

the arch–enemy, which deceives, kills, and consumes its servants

{Genesis 3:15–16; 8:21; John 8:37–47}

either is fed and sustained by the knowledge of the Truth and the Glory of God

{Psalm 16(17):6–15; 144(145):15–21; John 6:32–69; 17}


is poisoned and debilitated by the knowledge of the evilΣ3

{Deuteronomy 32:33; Isaiah 59:1–15}

either evolves until it develops its maximal potency of creation of the good –

that is transformation of the divine energy of God into the material structures/things,

which maintain live and evolution of the world given into dominion of man


degenerates until it develops the maximal potency of the evil

creates its own world, and ultimately

either actualizes its nature with creations and works of the good


perverts its nature:

becomes incapable of perceiving and accepting the knowledge of truth,

because it has no place for the Word–God within,

and thus, transforms itself into “the withered branch” that is suitable only to be the food of fire,

because it does not have the eternal Life within

{in: John 8:37, 43–47; 14; 15:1–10}.

Then, could it be possible for any of the minds living by the values of the temporal world controlled by the arch–evil, the world in which there is no limits of suffering, pain, brutality, ruthlessness, and inhumanity, find wisdom, if the very essence of wisdom –– as the harmony of the wholeness of the law, the power, the energy, and all that is the absolute good for man and of man –– is negation of the daily reality of disorder, suffering, degeneration, collapse, and death?

What then, does hold the world and does not allow it to fall apart, although death of every human being

alters the overall multitude of the possible futures decreasing possibilities of the evolution

makes the world more insufficient

accelerates the run to the ultimate end?

What are the “golden fastener” and “silver cord” that sustain the wholeness, and the pitcher carrying water, and how they could facilitate comprehension of the human life and death?

What happens, when a human being dies?

What then, is the human mind?

If the one envisions the mind as the frontier system between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the matter [[as a transmitter of the divine energy of creation into the world of the structured matter, which (the structured matter) is the final result of a cycle of creation within the temporal settings – time–space–complexity, with which the world is arranged]], he could infer that

a/ the human mind conveys the divine energy (transformed into the thoughts of man) into the world of the material structures where the divine energy that created the thoughts of man triggers development–evolution –– increase of complexity –– of the systems that compose the mankind’s world making them, for instance, capable of sustaining not only physical survival but also improvement of life–conditions and therefore, providing more opportunities for development and actualization of the human nature created in the image and after likeness of God

b/ the human mind is the core/center of the world created and sustained by the divine energy. If the human mind functions/operates according to its nature [[according to the law of God Who created it, and in consistent unwavering compliance with the Absolute Good – the attributes of God the Creator in Whose image and after Whose likeness the mind was created]], and for the sake of the purposes it has been created to accomplish, the mind’s creations/establishments accomplish the purposes of the mind, for the sake of which the mind created them. If the mind does not operate/function in accordance with its nature, it is not empowered to create optimal (for instance, efficient and invincible) establishments: the mind’s establishments collapse and disintegrate

c/ the human mind is a system with the highest level of complexity, because it creates knowledge that 1/ initiates and makes possible evolution of the world and 2/ works as the cohesive power that sustains the wholeness of systems composed of the structured matter; it means that by its very nature, the human mind has no limits of cognition and influence/impact on the world of the structured matter

d/ death is a transitional state of the mind/human essence, in which acceptance of the wholeness/life–sustaining divine energy is suspended, new knowledge of the world of the matter is not originated, evolution–increase of complexity within the world of the matter is impossible, and the world – unique cosmos of a unique person who died – arranged according to knowledge, which was assimilated by the deceased, perishes.

In general, evolution proceeds through creation of the systems, which are able to evolve by increasing own complexity and therefore by increasing own potency, firstly, by expanding the range of purposes it might be empowered to achieve. When the mind creates its thoughts and then, embodies them into the material things – structures, systems, realities (e.g., books, establishments, empires), it creates the possible futures as the definitions/codes of the ending states/conditions of a particular order that the mind assembles from the elements of the chaos (e.g., words, thoughts, ideas – own and of the others, concepts, times, events, material resources, etc.), into which it is immersed (or within which it exists).

If to consider knowledge as a particular derivative of the divine energy that enables a human being to evolve–act–operate with the material things within the world of the structured matter that accommodates human life, existence of the mind might be envisioned as a process of feeding by/consuming of the divine energy {John 6; 10; 14; 15; 16; 17}, which within the world of the material structures is manifested as

receiving→ accumulation/absorption→ creation→ transmitting of knowledge

If to define the mind as a system that actualizes transformation of the divine energy of creation for the purposes of evolution of the world, life of the mind might be seen as a manifestation of the unity of the energy–law–power: mind exists until

it is able to access the divine energy that sustains its life


it is in compliance with the divine law that controls the world created and sustained with the divine energy


it, through the compliance with the divine law and with access to the divine energy, is empowered

a/ to accept–absorb the divine energy of creation

b/ to create thoughts–derivatives of the divine energy of creation, with which the mind creates its world and maintains its existence

c/ to originate the flow of knowledge, which arranges, holds, and transforms a particular order/system/world created by the mind

(the unique cosmos – the world/universe whose center is the unique human mind)

within the chaos of the reserves, from which the worlds of the minds might be created:

elements, structures, systems, and realities of the material world – the earth that is given into dominion of mankind.

Consequently, if to consider the significance of the human mind for the world, it could be said, that

if the knowledge created by the mind for assembling a system (e.g., an empire, establishment, the future)

from the chaos (reserves of the material things, pieces of knowledge, ideas, doctrines, beliefs, figments of imagination, etc.)

and sustaining the system’s operations/life complies with the exact true (veracious) knowledge

{γνωσιν αψευδη as it is defined in: Wisdom 7:17–21},

which is the gift of God to those who live according to His Law and by love to Him

such knowledge–creation of the mind might be defined as the cohesive power,

which sustains unity of the establishments/systems/worlds created by the mind

the mind itself might be seen as

the golden fastener that holds the mind’s world together making it operational and living evolving wholeness

the pitcher that carries life–sustaining water – knowledge that upholds the mind’s world

Then, the “curses” predicted by Moses {Deuteronomy 28; 29; 30}, and their impact on the life of the people observed by the Old Testament prophets {Isaiah; Jeremiah; Ezekiel, and the others} unfold as the natural end of the unnatural/perverted nature: these “curses” are the natural end of those who have perverted own nature by violating the Law of God. Such the end is programmed by the Law that was revealed to mankind to learn and to live according to it, so, by observing the Law, the people would secure abundant prosperous and happy life for themselves and for their descendants. If a creation of God disregards the Law of the Creator and instead, accepts false and lies of corrupted imagination – e.g., heresy, ideologies, idol–worship – such creation initiates own διαφθορων – the total ruin, which is determined by the Law {Deuteronomy 28; 29; 30}, and, by the very own free will, casts own life into the darkness of ignorance, suffering, and death, followed with the eternal separation from God.

Within the heathen world of the Old Testament, only the rare extraordinary minds could find the true knowledge of God the Creator by accepting the Law given through Moses.

In the current world that still lives because of the Word–God, the Bible still can be found in libraries and shops in some countries, in which, as of today, Christians are not beheaded and burnt alive for their faith in Lord Jesus Christ – yet, the one has more chances to find the road to God.

Until the knowledge of God can still be freely reached, the one who desires to find the road to God and enter the eternal life has no time to lose…”

3. The Strange Phenomenon: Displaced Mind

The Lord smite thee with insanity, and blindness,

and displacement/frenzy of the mind.

Then, thou shall grope at midday as a blind man gropes in darkness,

and thou shall not prosper in thy ways,

and thou shall be unjustly treated and plundered continually,

yet there shall be no helper

{Deuteronomy 28:28–29}

Moses warned {Deuteronomy 28:15, 28–29} that for rejection and violation of the law of God, the Lord would smite (παταξαι) the sinner with παραπληξια, και αορασια, και εκστασει διανοιας {Deuteronomy 28:28}.

English versions of the Bible [R] translated text of Deuteronomy 28:28 as madness, blindness, and confusion–distraction–stupefaction–panic of the mind.

The Greek text of the Septuagint conveys more profound and horrifying picture.

The following words compose the logic block describing the overall condition of the human reasoning:

παταξαι – smite, affect [[derived of πατασσω – strike, smite, affect, astonish]]

παραπληξια – state of madness, perplexity, fury, rage [[derived of παραπλησσω – strike with madness]]

αορασια – state of indefiniteness, vagueness, uncertainty, absence of the point of reference–borders–coordinates, invisibility [[derived from αοριστια (indefiniteness) ← αορατος (invisibly, imperceptibly) ← αορος (dream)]]

εκστασει – state of shifting, displacement, deviation, stepping aside, frenzy, agitation, infatuation, ecstasy, elation, insanity

διανοιας – thought, thinking, meaning, way of thinking, sense, reasoning.

Combined into one sentence, these definitions identify mental state of displacement, detachment of reality (“dreaming mind”), state of uncertainty, agitation, and disorder (insanity) resulting in paralysis and stoppage of life–sustaining operations: the mind is displaced/taken out of the natural habitat; it lost the natural way of existence and entered unhealthy state of surreality fueled with frenzied imagination. Such a mind is unable to perceive–comprehend–evaluate reality adequately, to identify risks, dangers, threats and consequently, to prevent, neutralize or avoid them. It is incapable of adequate self–protection, therefore, unable to survive: it became easy prey for enemies. In other words, the mind rejected the Source of life, turned/shifted to death, and it is consumed by it.

As soon as physical life of the people with displaced mind continues [[they move, work, consume, propagate, etc.]], the one could infer that destruction of the mind is not accomplished at the lowest levels [[see Chart 1. in: The Mind]]– those correlated with Αισθητηρια Οργανα – sensory faculty/perception–identification of the parameters of the world of the material things, matter. The mind is displaced at the highest level of the heart – the spiritual center of man: the temple, in which, as the Christian Greek theologians assumed, the Divine is united with the human.

Hence, when the Lord says that the people have closed their eyes so they cannot see, He refers to the spiritual “eye” of man: to the intellect that is the “eye of heart,” or the faculty of contemplation, by which man perceives God the Spirit {John 4:23–24}, and absorbs the Divine Energy–wisdom and knowledge given by God.

As soon as the “eye of heart”/intellect – Νους is displaced, the mind is cut out of the world living by God. Such mind is unable to receive knowledge and wisdom given by God: as a branch separated from the Vine {John 15:1–6}, it is withering/dying without life–sustaining Divine Energy that the normal mind receives from God the Creator {John 14:1517, 21, 2326; 16:715; 17}.

If the middle levels of the mind –– Διανοια, reasoning, and its subsystems: Γνωμα ––Φρονημα––Λογισμος (consciousness–thinking–reasoning/faculty of deliberation) responsible for creation of thoughts and survival within the world of the material things –– are deprived of the Divine Energy – knowledge and wisdom given by God, they live only by the information and data received through Αισθητηρια Οργανα – sensory faculty responsible for perception of the parameters of the material world.

For instance, a human being is able to see running car and to avoid it, but his mind is not able to discern the good and the evil and to identify the essence of events and intentions of those who he encounters. Thus, he might be easily defrauded and manipulated by lies, his conscience can be silenced, he can be corrupted and enslaved to serve purposes of the others, even by the price of own suffering, disadvantage, and death.

In summary, Moses described the complete collapse of human reasoning: the displaced/affected with disorderliness/insanity mind descends into death. Descent consists of the following stages:

incapability of adequate evaluation of the actuality, in which it exists

shift into vagueness without any point of reference–borders–coordinates

incapability of adequate perception and evaluation of the actuality

incapability of any of operations that sustain survival→evolution

of normal human reasoning

complete disorderliness–incapability of life


In general, the description of the displaced/disordered mind without abilities of normal perception and therefore, with collapsed reasoning, evokes image of the Phoenician inferno, in which the cursed people placed souls of their dead ones: they were immersed into the dense impenetrable and gloomy fog, which deprived them of any possibility to perceive–identify–feel–see–understand, to find way to light and life.

The Holy Scriptures describe similar conditions, which follow rejection of God and violations of His law:

idol–worshipers are transformed into likeness of the idols they made and worship: they have ears, but they do not hear; they have eyes, but they cannot see {Psalm 113(115):4–8; 134(135):15–18}

people cannot perceive and they cannot understand, because their heart has become gross, their ears are dull of hearing, and they closed their eyes, so they are not able to turn to God and to be healed {Isaiah 6:9–10}

people walk in darkness and perplexity, they feel obstacles as the blind feels the wall, they feel at noon as at midnight. Their works, thoughts and plans are worthless, moreover, they can be deadly dangerous poison as asp’s eggs and addled egg with basilisk inside. Their feet run to wickedness, their thoughts are thoughts of murder; bloodshed, misery and destruction are their ways; they have no judgment and no peace. The truth was taken away from them, they have turned the mind aside from understanding and lost salvation {Isaiah 59:1–15}.

The referred above texts of the Holy Scriptures describe collapse of human reasoning followed with transformation of a living being into the living dead:

the one incapable of adequate perception, evaluation, and understanding of the world

↕       ↕

the one who lives by false – strange – knowledge and lies

The key for understanding of processes that result in collapse of reasoning also may be found in the Holy Scriptures.

Isaiah the prophet speaks of the seemingly strange phenomenon {Isaiah 2:6, 8}:

the land given by God to the chosen nation is filled,

as in the beginning, with divination as the land of aliens [[αλλοφυλων]]

many strange [[αλλοφυλα]] children were born to the people

the land is filled with abominations made by their own hands

they have worshiped things that their fingers made

This strange/abnormal phenomenon is acceptance of the strange/alien knowledge, which is abnormal for the mind of the chosen ones who are expected to live by God. This knowledge is delusion, fantasy, deviation/shift from the reality: this knowledge is misconception, which might subdue and enslave the mind and cast it into the state that is the great sin before God {αμαρτιας μεγαλης – Psalm 18(19):13} and abomination to God {Isaiah 2:8}.

So, the one may ask at least two questions:

what is the strange/alien knowledge, to which Isaiah the prophet refers to as to abomination to God?

what should happen with the normal mind, so it would

a/ become able to accept false knowledge that is abomination to God

b/ accept lies as the truth, especially, because it is incapable of discerning the good/truth and the evil/lies

c/ ultimately, itself become the abomination to God?

The strange knowledge that is abomination to God is knowledge created by idolaters, diviners, and false prophets that invented “other gods” and offer figments of own imagination as truth, even as revelations of God.

The normal mind lives by energy–wisdom–knowledge coming from God: it creates knowledge of the world and, with wisdom given by God, embodies this knowledge into words, actions, creations/systems with which it accomplishes evolution – own and the world (or a part of it) given into its dominion. As the Author of the Book of Wisdom writes {Wisdom 7:7–21}, the veracious – true and exact – knowledge (γνωσιν αψευδη) that the one receives from God may include the nature of world and nature of the living creatures, μεταβολας καιρων [[circuits of periods, the moment of completion of which is καιρος, or in the contemporary terms, life–cycles of systems]], the nature of things, operations of the elements, the reasonings of men, and other things – secret and manifest. This knowledge defines the practical meaning of human wisdom, which sustains survival of human beings, secures prosperity and abundance of the world, and facilitates preparation for the next phase of existence.

Therefore, the knowledge referred to in the Book of Wisdom is the normal knowledge of nature of the world created by God and the natural–normal possession of the normal mind.

However, this knowledge still is the main wish–list of the contemporary atheist–marxist–darwinist and ethics–free sciences, which, in spite of all technical gadgets lauded as “progress of mankind,” still are unable to learn the A, B, C of wisdom, which was freely bestowed onto the ancient wise men, and to obtain control over the forces of the nature and power similar to those given to the ancient Hebrew prophets.

Consequently, the normal mind should change its nature, thus, to become abnormal–perverted before it

1/ becomes unable to obtain true knowledge of the world and comprehend the nature of the world within which it has to accomplish its purposes

2/ becomes able to accept the strange/alien knowledge and lies as the truth.

Such abnormality–perversion of the mind’s nature might be also seen as spiritual suicide, because the mind is seeking own spiritual death by

rejecting God the Spirit and His words that are the spirit and are the life

{John 4:23–24; 6:63},

ruining, therefore, the very foundation of human existence –

the spiritual life and the human reasoning – life of human heart–mind:

the consequences are

a/ switch to materialism, atheism,

b/ recognition of life of a body/matter as the essence of life

c/ acceptance of false heathen religions worshiping the arch–evil

[[because, if the one does not serve the True God, and

if he is not able to hear and to perceive God’s words, it means

that he serves the arch–enemy/arch–evil/satan

{cf.: John 8:43–47; Acts 26:16–18; Revelation 20:2}]]

feeding itself with poison – false knowledge

instead of life–giving knowledge of Truth

accepting false knowledge–figments of imagination

created by philosophizing diviners, idolaters and false prophets instead of truth

initiating own degeneration→perversion→collapse→ruin

choosing death instead of life

{Wisdom 1:1216}

In fact, transformation of the normal mind (the mind that lives by the Divine Energy coming from God) into the abnormal/perverted mind (the mind that lives by false knowledge–figments of human imagination) is assassination of human reasoning. Such assassination might be envisioned as an action similar to a murder of human body by giving it debilitating and lethal poison instead of life–sustaining water.

Complete inabilities of such displaced perverted abnormal mind to sustain survival of men and their establishments may be inferred from the current world affairs (wars, conflicts, and crises in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia), pollution of the oceans, rivers, lands because of Chernobyl, Fukushima, pesticides, hormones, genetic modifiers, and other pollutants, which already triggered mutation and extermination of the living species (while children are taught that they live during the Darwinian evolution and are forbidden even to mention the name of God the Creator), depletion of the Earth resources, plagues, including those triggered by mutation resulting from manufacturing of chimeras and genetic modifications – “mixing” – human, animal, insect, plants, viruses, fishes, etc., flesh, adverse climate changes, and other “curses,” of which Moses warned in the beginning of human civilization {Deuteronomy 28; 30}.

Such abnormal displaced mind is abomination to God: by its own choice, it had perverted own nature, was enslaved by the evil, switched to knowledge of death, and became the embodiment of death incapable of actualizing the purposes, for the sake of which a human being was created and given dominion over the abundant plentiful world of life.

Currently, such displaced perverted abnormal mind is molded by the global “elite” that accomplishes purposes of global enslavement of people and transformation of mankind into the herd of de–induvidualized gender–confused perverts incapable of normal reproduction, free thinking, and normal life according to normal human nature.

The initial phase of corruption–assassination of human reasoning is accomplished, for instance, through

1) establishing political correctness, which makes unlawful and forbidden mentioning of God the Creator in public schools, political, social, business, educational and research institutions, media

2) mandatory public education imposed on nations by global educational authorities; this education accomplishes tasks of physical and mental corruption, gender–confusion, and perversion of children (starting with kindergartens), teenagers, and adults

3) deprivation of people of freedom of speech on campuses and other educational institutions, business enterprises, political, social and religious establishments, social and other media

4) manipulation by mind with propaganda, fake news, lies and deceit based on Marxism, radical ideologies, politicized and false religions – all of them derived from the ancient Orphic mythical theology that, through Plato–Aristotle’s social–political–philosophical–democratic utopia, became the framework of knowledge, upon which the current civilizations, with their social, political and religious institutions are built.



Σ1 It is written {Ecclesiastes 12:6}: “συντριβη το ανθεμιον τον χρυσιον” – fastener (ανθεμιον) of gold (τον χρυσιον) crushed (συντριβη). Αν–θεμι–ον is a derivative from τιθημι originated from either ancient θεω – to run (not as sprint or rush) or θεο – complete, as the root of words defining Θεος – God:

the particle αν(α) – signifies the upper position

the root –θε/(also θη, as in: John 15:13)originates the cluster of words with the general meaning to settle, to hold, to lay foundation, to sustain, to purpose. For instance θεμελιοω – consolidate, lay foundation, ground, and τιθημι→θη – put, place, commit; lay down.

Hence, Ecclesiastes speaks of a thing of gold that settles/holds something from above.

Σ2 In 1 Corinthians 2:6–16, St. Paul the Apostle writes of the Holy Wisdom given by the Holy Spirit, of the power of God, which is the foundation of faith , and of intelligence, reason, mind of those who just/exactly follow the reasoning of Christ {δε νουν Χριστου εχομεν1 Corinthians 2:15–16}. Traditional translation [in English versions of the Holy Bible [References] of 1 Corinthians 2:16 ημεις δε νουν Χριστου εχομεν, where νουν is a derivative of νοος – intelligence, reasoning, mind, and εχομεν – interpreted as “have,” is “we have/possess the mind of Christ.”

However, Christ is the Word–God; humans are not capable of having the mind–thoughts–ways of God {Isaiah 55:8–11}. Besides, to ascribe to a human being attributes of God is blasphemy. Obviously, the translation is inadequate. Indeed, the word εχομεν should not be interpreted as a derivative of εχω from primary word σχεω – to hold; εχομεν is a shortened form of εχομενως, which conveys meanings of contiguity, following something, close connection, proximity.

Thus, the strict meaning of ημεις δε νουν Χριστου εχομεν is “we just/exactly the reasoning of Christ follow.”

See also

– The Mind


Σ3 The prophets envisioned the knowledge of the evil, especially the knowledge of idol–worshipers as the lethal poison that debilitates and ultimately annihilates the reasoning/life of the mind that serves the evil.

When the mind discards the law of God, rejects God, and creates for itself other gods/idols before the face of God, it becomes as the waterless land, ashes and dust, because it loses the abilities of discerning the good and the evil: it transforms itself into the likeness to the idols, which it has created {Psalm 134(135):15–18; Isaiah 44:20}. Thus, it transforms itself into the carrier of death – own and of the others, into the offspring of vipers that has no good within: it consumes and carries and propagates the lethal poison of the ancient arch–serpent, the incurable rage of asps {θυμος δρακοντων ο οινος αυτων, και θυμος ασπιδων ανιατος – Deuteronomy 32:33; Isaiah 59:1–15; Matthew 12:34–35; 15:12–14; 23:1–35; John 8:43–45; Romans 3:13}, and it, as well as its fruits–creations–deeds, becomes abomination to God.