Some readers had problems with opening and saving pdf portfolios@ mobile

and other devices.

Now all pdf portfolios are reformatted into single file version,

and papers are available in

1/ single file version (e.g., Ecumenism-sf)


2/ pdf portfolio (book) version (e.g., Ecumenism).






Got sick. Hopefully, next posts/upgrades before Christmas.

Best wishes to all my Readers.


New files offered for download:

Single file version:  Apostasy-sf

pdf portfolio:  Apostasy

Single file version:  Ecumenism-sf

pdf portfolio:  Ecumenism

Single file version: Doctrine of Thomas Aquinas-sf

pdf portfolio:  Doctrine of Thomas Aquinas

Single file version:  Heathen Philosophy&Western Civilization-sf

pdf portfolio: Heathen Philosophy and the Western Civilization

also @ Library Page –


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To download entire file,

please click →    Comments @ The Net

or (single file version) →   Comments_@_The Net-sf


Net reconstruction is completed.

Renovated website Sunday’s Thoughts offers the entire archive of posted

during 2006-2019 files at all my websites –

as collection of files and separate papers.

Download is offered at Library Page of renovated website

Sunday’s Thoughts

Website A Quiet World of Alice-Sofia,

which is published my pictures, is renovated:

My website @  is no more.