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Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Strange Knowledge

Who will comprehend delusions?

Purify me of my hidden ones, and spare Thy slave of the alien [[αλλοτριων]] ones –

if they do not obtain dominion over me, I shall be pure of the great sin.

Then, the sayings of my mouth and meditations of my heart shall be continuously pleasing to Thee,

O Lord, my Helper and my Redeemer.

{Psalm 18(19):12–14}

their land is filled, as in the beginning, with divinations as [the land] of aliens [[αλλοφυλων]],

and many strange [[αλλοφυλα]] children were born to them…

the land is filled with abominations, even the works of their hands,

and they have worshiped that their fingers made…

{Isaiah 2:6, 8}

the Lord … has looked upon the earth from heaven,

to hear the groaning of the fettered ones, to loosen the sons of the slain.…

{Psalm 101(102):16, 19–20}

The texts of the Holy Scriptures {Psalm 18(19):12–14 and Isaiah 2:6, 8} speak of something alien, strange [[αλλοτριων and αλλοφυλα – derivatives of αλλ(ο)/αλλος, with the primary meanings of alien, strange, unusual, different, not similar]], that nevertheless, may obtain dominion/power over man.

In Psalm 18(19):12, the key word for understanding of the nature of this alien/strange phenomenon is in the phrase “Παραπτωματα τις συνησει {Psalm 18(19):12} – “who will comprehend delusions?”

The word παραπτωματα is a derivative of παραπτωμα delusion, misconception, mistake, deviation, displacement, shift, missing the markΣ96. Such definitions stem from interpretation of παρα–πτωμα as a derivative of παρα–πιπτω – to fall near, to be mistaken, to be apostatized; however παραπτωμα is a direct derivative of πτωμα – fall, calamity, defeat, dead body – preceding with a particle παρα, which supplements πτωμα with the meanings of connection, source, transmission from someone/something to someone/something. As such, the word παραπτωμα indicates something coming from the defeat, calamity, or dead body, and therefore, establishes the link with other texts of the Holy Scriptures, in which the idol–worshipers (the ones living by the false knowledge of “other gods” – idolsΣ29) are portrayed as similar to their idols – the pieces of the dead matter devoid of perception and reasoning, destined to perish, yet, to which they serve, especially, as opposed to the ones who serve True God {e.g., in: Psalm 113(114):3–11; 134(135):13–18; Jeremiah 10:1–18}.

In summary, delusion is a figment of imagination, fantasy, misconception, superstition, myth, erroneous assumption – all these compile knowledge inadequate to the actuality: the false knowledge coming from death, which is the basis of the reasoning for those who are not of God {in: John 8:41–47}. Consequently, delusions – the false knowledge defined by the Psalm as strange/alien one – are the great sin before God. So, the prophet beseeches God to purify him from delusions that are hidden in his mind, and to save him from the alien ones that come from outside. If the prophet’s mind/heart is purified and saved from his own and alien delusions – if he is not deluded and deceived – his words and thoughts would be continuously pleasing to God, and he would not commit the great sin {Psalm 18(19):12–14}.

Isaiah the prophet {in: Isaiah 2:6} mentions divinations – κληδονισμων [[derivative of κληδων that means soothsaying, sorcery, augury, interpretation of omens]], as it was in the beginning, when the Israelites were settled in the Promised Land among the native idol–worshiping nations, which used divinationΣ38 to create their “knowledge” – fantasies concerning “other gods,” and then,

a/ embodied this knowledge into the designs of the mind and works of hands – idols [[materialized their fantasies concerning their imaginable gods into the material things]]

b/ established rituals of idol–worship including rituals of human and animal sacrifices

d/ maintained their societies and establishments according to their beliefs and the purposes of their priests–diviners and rulers who interpreted for them the “will” of their idols.

Isaiah the prophet also tells {in: Isaiah 2:6} of the consequences: τεκνα πολλα αλλοφυλα εγενηθη αυτοις – many strange children were born to them.

Traditional translation of τεκνα πολλα αλλοφυλα εγενηθη αυτοις is “many strange children were born to them.” However, τεκνον (τεκνα)also means offspring, issue, fruit, produce, and εγενηθη as a derivative of γιγνομαι γινομαι means to be, become, grow, make, be turned/merge into, be created, come into existence, emerge, take place, and so on. Therefore, the meaning of the Prophet’s words is that many strange/abnormal products emerged or many abnormalities came into being as the result of acceptance of the alien/strange/abnormal knowledge [[that is the result of κληδονισμων – divination]].

By the definition, any strange/alien phenomenon is not consistent with the original nature: it is abnormal.

Indeed, for the chosen people, the idol–worshipers were aliens – “children of other gods” – any contacts with whom should be avoided {e.g., in: Exodus 34:10–17; Deuteronomy 7:1–6, 25–26; 8:19–20}, and their idols and places of idol–worship had to be destroyed. The prophets referred to acceptance of the idols and idol–worship [[along with the knowledge, on which life and institutions of the idolworshipers were built]] by the people of the chosen nation as to “go a–whoring” and harlotry; consequently, the apostates are referred to as to adulterers, fornicators, whores, seed of adulterers and the harlot {e.g., in: Exodus 34:14–16; Judges 2:16–17; Isaiah 2:21; 57:3–9; Jeremiah 3:1–3; Ezekiel 6:9; 23:28–30, 43–45; Hosea 4:11–13; 7:4; 9:1}, and so on; in general, without any respect. Thus, translation of τεκνα αλλοφυλα as strange children is in harmony with such terminology, yet the actual meaning is creation of abnormalities [[perversion]] on the basis of strange–false–abnormal knowledge {see also: 1 Peter 4:3–6; 2 Peter 2; Romans 1:18–32; Ephesians 4:17–19}. Both phenomena – knowledge and its results – are strange and abnormal: they are not compatible with the normal–pure–original human nature.

In summary, the one could infer that both texts of the Holy Scriptures speak of the strange knowledge, which is alien or abnormal for the mind of the chosen one who is expected to live by God. This knowledge is delusion, deviation/shiftΣ2 from the true knowledge, fantasy and error, which, nonetheless, might obtain dominion over (subdue and enslave) the mind and cast it into the state that is the great sin before God {αμαρτιας μεγαλης – Psalm 18(19):13} and abomination to God {Isaiah 2:8}.

How then, the strange–alien–abnormal knowledge could transform people into the slaves of sin?

The words of Lord Jesus Christ {John 8:31–47} explain the meaning of slavery and freedom for a Christian.

When the Lord told the people that “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples, and you will cognize the truth, and the truth will set you free” {John 8:31–32}, the listeners confronted God: they are the descendants of Abraham, freemen, who never were enslaved to anyone; so how it could be said that they would become free? In response, Lord Jesus Christ discloses the true meaning of freedom and slaveryΣ505: everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin; only if the Son sets them free, they would become free indeed {John 8:31–36}.

Thus, the meaning of freedomΣ171 promised by God is the freedom from sinΣ27 – the spiritual freedom. This freedom can be given to those who

1/ μεινητε εν τω Λογω

steadfastly keep/stay in the Word of God

2/ cognized the Truth

{John 8:31–32; 14:6; 17:6–8}

Hence, the mind commits the great sin, when it

operates with the strange – abnormal and false – knowledge:

the knowledge of the idol–worshipers and those who disregarded the law of God

creates τεκνα αλλοφυλα

thoughts inadequate to the actuality controlled by the law of God

The sins of mind include

false assumptions

creation of false knowledgeΣ41

application of the inadequate criteria of judgmentΣ343

planning of actions inconsistent with the law of God [[e.g., with which the one would violate The Ten Commandments]]

design of crimes


design of the institutions, which would corrupt the others and inflict harm and detriment onto the others

planning of deprivation of the others of their possessions [[including health, wealth, and the very life]]

other thoughts, which are evil and which would result in

multiplying of the evil

suffering of the others

increase of the overall insufficiency of creations of God

and the world given into the dominion of man

All these evils can be accomplished only by the mind that is abnormal, because it produces the “strange children,” the abnormal offspring – the thoughts, which are not based on the law of God and which, therefore, are inadequate to the actuality:

it absorbs the strange/false knowledge

it creates the strange/false knowledge

it designs abnormal establishments

[[for instance, insufficient and inefficient systems]],

which would be detrimental for well–being of the others,

and therefore, which would multiply the evil

it is unable to accomplish the purposes for the sake of which it came into being,

because it lives by the false knowledge inadequate to the actuality

In summary, sin is the failure to accomplish the purposes for the sake of which a human being has been created – to create the good, to accomplish development–evolutionΣ67:

own evolution as reaching the maximal potency of creation of the good

development of


↓ ↓ ↓

a/ own establishments so they would bring the maximal benefits for well–being of the others

b/ other beings so they would be able of achievement of

maximal potency of the good and accomplishment of their purposes

c/ the world given into the human being’s dominion

[[or a piece of it – system, reality, state, society, nation, business enterprise, etc.]]

Consequently, the one might envision liberation of the mind as

1. the correction of the present state of the mind: cessation of the shift from the true knowledge [[the knowledge of the Absolute Good of God]] to the strange–abnormal knowledge [[the knowledge of the evil]], because of which [[shift]] the mind

has filled itself with false knowledge committed the great sin became abomination to God

2. establishing of the right focus of the mind:


the material world living by the false knowledge – the knowledge of the evil,

which is strange/alien–abnormal knowledge for the mind created for the eternity with God

{Isaiah 44:20; John 8:44}

focusing on

God Whom a human being should love with all his heart, with all his soul, with all his understanding,

because God is everything for His creation,

and because the Perfect Love of God is the Absolute Good, the life and the light for man

{Deuteronomy 6:4–5; Matthew 22:37–40; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:27;

John 3:16; 12:46–50; 14:6–26; 15; 16; 17; 1 John}

3. obtaining the power to live by the words of God, the wisdom to imitate perfection, mercy and love of God, and the power to become the embodiment of the Law of God that is the likeness of the Word–God {Matthew 5:48; Luke 6:35–36; John 13:13–15, 34; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

The corrupted imaginationΣ38, is the foundation of any sin, because, before committing sin by physical actions (words and deeds), the mind commits sin by thought {in: Matthew 5:27–28; 15:19–20; Mark 7:21–23; Proverbs 6:14–15}.

Before doing the evil things/crimes, the mind creates knowledge of evil, admits its permissibility, and contemplates how to embody it into the actuality of own existence with the resources a human being possesses or is able to obtain. Therefore,

the power of sin rests in the inclined to evil imagination: the evil comes into possession by the mind through over–stimulated and corrupted imagination, which admits a possibility of thoughts, knowledge, words, and actions inconsistent with the law of God, that is inconsistent with normal human nature.

Consequently, freedom from sin becomes possible only after liberation from the power of evil.

Liberation from the power of evil might be obtained, if the mind sets itself free [[learned to ignore, disregard]] of

imagination and its framework, the symbolic–mythical thinkingΣ158

legacy of the heathen diviners

the unconditional trust into the false and lies propagated by the others who possess riches and have the access to the power of

the false and deceit spread through propaganda, political theology, ideologies, heathen religions and cult,

perverted education based upon defiance or ignorance of the law of God,


sciences, doctrines, ideologies and religions/cults

created with Aristotle dialectics and upon heathen philosophy

After revelation of the Christian teachings, the meanings of freedom and slavery are opened at the higher levels: the human mind and the human spirit. Physical freedom does not secure freedom by spirit. Physical slavery and necessity of physical submission to the owners/masters do not deprive the mind of the freedom of thinking, as well as physical death does not deprive of the eternal life {Matthew 10:28}: the temporal parameters [[the matter, time, space, material things, earthly authorities, power of physical etc.]] are irrelevant in the matters of faith, in the realm of the spiritΣ171.

Only God the Creator and Father has the power over the human soul, and only God, because of His grace – love and mercy to His creations, transforms the creature of earth/flesh into the child of God living by the Holy Spirit and destined for the eternity with God {John 1:1–18; 3:2–7, 16; 6:35–69; 10:1–30; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

In the Present, even if there is physical freedom [[to travel, to change employers, to move in another place, to buy that what is desired, and to eat that what is seems to be desirable, etc.]], there may not be spiritual freedom. Many live by the imagination, dream worlds, superstitions, neo–heathen religions (e.g., the cults of magicians, witches, vampires, celebrities, supermen, aliens – dwellers of other planets) distributed through all kind of media and mass culture.

The spiritual slavery

begins with delusion –

acceptance of the false knowledge as the truth

proceeds and roots itself into the mind through

the symbolic–magic–mythical thinking

that became the common mode of thinking within the societies,

which live not by the knowledge of God and not according to the law of God

is maintained with attachment addiction subservience to false knowledge,

which is constantly propagated by the contemporary diviners and “opinion–makers,”

and which is constantly spread through all media channels

Cultivation of the magic or symbolic thinkingΣ158 begins in the early childhood, with violent games, movies, and books that

promote beliefs in magic and magicians, aliens from other planets, supermen, celebrities,

deified heroes and leaders, other idols, etc

↓ ↑

plant false expectations and deceptive beliefs into the power and

reality of the dream worlds created by human imagination

[[that in fact, are the beliefs similar to those of idol–worshipers

who worshiped products of own imagination]]

shift the child’s mind from the actuality into the dream worlds of imagination

and then, feed child’s mind with abnormalities and perversion,

which are propagated as the norm

The actual daily reality is that the false–abnormal knowledge takes dominion over the child’s mind through the multitudes of books, movies, video and computer games, media, culture, customs, and other τεκνα αλλοφυλα – abnormal products/creations of social, religious, political and other institutions, which

establish the patterns of violations of The Ten Commandments and the words of God

by transforming murder, thievery, corruption, perversion, vice, and deceit

into the legitimate and even normal components of the dream worlds,

which are spread through entertainment, education, and cultural values

impart permissibility of crimes against God and men, and other creatures of the earth,

because, technically, they are committed in the mind of the participants,

in the shared dream worlds,

and at the Present, they – until some moment of time –

do not culminate in actual bloodshed or other evil deeds

ultimately, take the place of the actuality

by transforming the mind of a child into the mind of a criminal

The ability to commit crimes within own mind transforms a child into the receptacle of the evil and makes a child ready to commit crime(s) within the surrounding world that is to commit crimes against the real people; the misguided mind living by the dream and figments of imagination already has lost the abilities to think adequately, to adequately perceive the surroundings, to judge it adequately: it is not capable of adequate evaluation of own actions and its consequences.

Many forgot or even never knew the simple truth: whoever commits crime in his heart–mind is guilty in the crime {cf.: Matthew 5:27–28; 12:34–37; 15:15–20}. Therefore, creators, sellers, and disseminators (free or commercially–motivated) who

A) create and propagate abnormal beliefs into magic, vampires, aliens, other strange creatures

B) create, share, and propagate the dream worlds filled with violence

C) the parents, guardians, and educators who allow children, students, apprentices

to consume these products of corrupted imagination


↓ ↓ ↓

all of them pollute and corrupt the heart–mind of the children

transform them into the potential criminals

[[those who contemplate and can commit crime]],

which very easily might be made the actual criminals

[[those who arise against their neighbors with violence and hatred and do commit crimes]]

The false/abnormal knowledge became the very fabric of the societies and other establishments; it poisons the mind and transforms it into the living dead who are lost within the unreal dream worlds similarly to the dwellers of the Phoenician inferno who wonder helplessly and purposelessly within the dense fog, unable to sense anything and unable to find the road to light.

In general, the one could infer that it is hard to discern presence of the rational thinking within the contemporary societies:

from one side, the societies establish plenty of institutions for preventing of crimes, catching, judging, and punishing the criminals, and taking care of the victims

from the other side, the societies themselves nurture the criminals and prepare the ground for the crimes.

So, how to protect children from the destructive influence of the godless society and godless institutions that assumed the right to corrupt and pervert children through education and entertainment and therefore, continuously increase the overall burden of the evil depriving the society, which harbors them, of any hope on the better tomorrow?

The Christians have no right to physically harm even those who harm them: they cannot punish or put out of business those who, under protection of the civil laws, corrupt children through media, education, books, movies, games, and other channels of communication, those who constantly and even violently attempt to intervene with parents’ responsibilities to prepare their children for service to God, so their children would obtain the everlasting life in His kingdom. Does it mean that for the Christians and for all other inhabitants of the world any hope of survival is lost?

Love to God and knowledge of God can protect a child from corruption spread by the perverted servants of the evil, and his mind from enslaving by the strange knowledge that casts him into the inferno of the evil. God sets the mind free with the knowledge of Truth {John 8:31–32; 14:6}; God exposes foolishness and void of diviners and false prophets; God gives to His people wisdom and understanding, and with them, the eternal life {Job 5:8–16; Proverbs 2:6–12; Isaiah 44:24–25; John 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter 1:2–25; 2 Peter 1:2–11; 1 Corinthians 3:19–20; Ephesians 1:2–14; Galatians 5}.

Thus, the inference is simple: the parents, who want their children to live, must educate their children by giving them the knowledge of God and by making the Holy Scriptures their guide, textbook, and the main source of knowledge of God and the Law of God. Only the words of God impart the righteousness, establish the conscience and moral strength of a child, and therefore, annihilate the seeds of the evil within the mind of a child. Then, the societies created by the ones who are free of the evil shall be free from riots and the violent crimes, because it shall be no evil, injustice, hatred, and other reasons that transform people deprived of the knowledge of God and His law into rebels and criminals.

The truth is that

1/ only societies and other establishments founded on the knowledge of God and based on the law of God are empowered to surviveΣ95 and to sustain development of mankind until it completes the purposes for the sake of which God created human beings

2/ the total ruin [[described by the διαφθορων patternΣ3]] is the normal end of the slaves of sin who are not of God {John 8:31–47}, who live by delusions – the alien–strange–false knowledge, the father of which is the arch–enemy of men: ανθρωποκτονος [[ανθρωποκτονος either man–murderer or one composed of the flesh of murdered men]], the man–murder from the beginning {John 8:44; Genesis 3:15–16, 20}.

And I think that the freedom promised to the fettered ones and the children of the slain {Psalm 101(102):19–20}, firstly, is the freedom to choose life and freedom. This choice is given through Christian teachings.

The tragedy of the world is the inability to discern the fetters of sin and evil, which assumed the form of the dream worlds – strange children born by the corrupted imagination intently bent upon the evil {Genesis 8:21} and living by the strange–alien knowledge of the evil, which is abnormal to the human nature…

Only knowledge of the Truth empowers the mind to crush the fetters of death and to come to the Light that leads into the eternity with God {John; 1 John}…

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