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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Redemption of the Original Sin

Next Sunday, the Orthodox Christians will celebrate the Feast of Feast – the Holy Pascha, the day of redemption, when Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man, placed His Soul a ransom for the many and, as the Good Shepherd, took His sheep into the eternity with Him {Mark 10:45; John 10:7-18, 27-30; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

Redemption is the act of salvation of the world:

taking away the “wrath” of God {John 3:36} that is the “curse of death,” the consequence of the original sin {Genesis 3}

liberation from the power of the arch–evil by undoing the original sin – disobedience and distrust of man

creation of a new being – the immortal child of God.

Redemption was done at the cross, when the crucified Son of Man

––fulfilled the Divine Law and accomplished the Divine Justice by taking on Himself the sins of man

––shed His Blood instead of the blood of man

––placed His Soul for the soul of man re–creating him and preparing him for resurrection into the eternity

At the moment of death, of the Son of Man, when the human life – the human spirit has been extinguished with death of a body, by the Son of God – the Word–God – the Almighty Omnipotent Love of God was consummated:

the Word–God had placed His Soul life for the life/soul of man

the Word–God became the Blood and the Flesh of a new being created in His image and likeness

the Word–God established the firmament, foundation, essence Στερεωμα of human soul–heart–mind,

within which a human being is empowered to evolve into immortal child of God

a new creation, who is granted the authority to become a child of God born of God,

and who lives by the Word–God,

came into being

{Genesis 1:6–8; Psalm 17(18):1–2; Isaiah 51:4–7; 53:3–12; Mark 10:45; Luke 12:49;

John 1:12–18; 3:16–21, 31–36; 4:23–24; 6:33–58, 63; 7:37–39; 10; 11:25–26; 12:23–28, 44– 50; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 19:28–30, 33–37;

James 1:18; 1 Peter; 1 John 3:5; 4:9–19; 5:1–8; Ephesians 2:1–10, 13–22; Revelation 22:1}

The one might also envision the essence of redemption as the following:

the Word–God, by becoming a Son of man, takes on Himself the nature of man

the essence of sinful man is melted by the Divine Fire of the Omnipotent Perfect and All–forgiving Love of God

the evil–insufficiency–ability to sin as the lot of man within the temporal world of man is annihilated,

and after physical death–disintegration of the bond with the “cursed” matter,

a man may be resurrected into the eternity with God

a new–born creation of God a Christian, a child of God created in likeness of the Word–God, comes to life:

the firstfruit of new creations made in likeness of the Word–God

Who placed His Soul for His followers, the children of God Who is the Spirit and the Fire,

so they would live by the Holy Spirit and in the presence of God forever

That future of man was foreseen by the Old Testament ProphetsΣ91 and became the actuality of human existence after Lord Jesus Christ – the Word–God, the Son of God and the Son of man, committed His Soul for the salvation of man {Isaiah 59:12–21; Daniel 12:10; Malachi 3:1–3; John 10:11; 15:13; 19:28–30; 1 John 5:1–5}.

The following is reprint of the post concerning the meaning and the consequences of the original sin.


The Original Sin and the Curse of Death

God created man to be immortal,

and made him to be an image of His Own eternity…

…through the envy of devil, came death into the world…

{Wisdom 2:23–24}

The term original sinΣ58 refers to the first act of disobedience, which the first men committed in spite of warning given by God {Genesis 2; 3}.

God said to Adam that all fruits of all trees of the Paradise he may freely eat, but the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil he shall not eat, because in whatsoever day he eat of it, he shall surely die {Genesis 2:16–17}.

In Paradise, it was a serpent, the creature brought forth by the earth, creeping on the earth, and given under the authority of man, a reptile which did not have the breath of God by Whom Adam, who was created by God in His Own image and likeness, became the living soul {in: Genesis 1:24–28; 2:7}.

This serpent was the most crafty of all brutes of the earth. It said to woman that they will not surely die, if they eat the fruit, but in the day when they eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, their eyes will be open and they become as gods knowing the good and the evil. Adam the first man already was as immortal god: he was created by God the Spirit, lived and instructed by the Breath of Almighty. So, the brute contradicted the words of God: it lied and, therefore, because of envy to men, became the murderer of men – ανθρωποκτονος [[ανθρωποκτονος either murderer of man or one composed of the flesh of murdered men]] from the beginning { Genesis 1:26–28; 2:7; 3:1–6, 15–16, 20; Job 32:4; John 8:44, 47; Wisdom 2:23–24}.

Eve accepted lies/false assertions of the crafty brute as the truth, because they were sustained by the apparent beauty: the tree appeared as pleasant for eyes to see and its fruits as ωραιον εστι του κατανοησαι – ripe/suitable/mature for contemplation {Genesis 3:7}. The tree was situated within the perfect world given into the dominion of man, and Eve desired to have its fruit, which she perceived as suitable for contemplation. Therefore, she disregarded the essence (death) of the false knowledge (lies of the cunning brute) for the sake of appearance – the beauty of the surface [[hence, from the practical point of view, the one might envision the original sin as simplificationΣ211, in this case, substitution of the surface–appearance for the essence–reality]].

Consequently, in St. James the Apostle’s words, she conceived the desire/lust, the conceived lust brought forth sin, and sin, being fully formed, brought forth death {James 1:14–15}.

Since, the model of the original sin is repeated each time when the mind chooses

to reject the true knowledge of God for the sake of lies

to disregard the law of God

for the sake of material advantages or conveniences

to believe simplified inadequate assertions

instead of true knowledge

to prefer the visible material reality to knowledge of its true essence

to worship idols instead of God

to reject the way of righteousness and justice and wisdom

[[that is life by the law of God]]

and to follow the majority – the ones

who are running after false gods/idols, perverted customs,

and corrupted liars – rulers, politicians, false prophets, priests–apostates, and self–deified leaders,

and consequently, have to face

corruption, misery, spiritual (often, accompanied with material) poverty,

hopelessness, suffering, and despair

[[that is, instead of life by the words of God,

to choose life by the material values of the world, which is controlled by the arch–evil

and is resting/buried in evil

{Luke 4:5–8; John 8:31–47; 14:30; Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13–15; 1 John 5:19}]]

In practical sense, the original sin is the two–fold action of the first men, because of which death became the actuality {Genesis 3}: Eve and Adam

1/ disregarded–rejected the truth – words of God

2/ accepted the lies – words of the crafty brute–serpent as the truth.

Hence, they faced the consequences – physical death instead of immortality, for which they have been created {Genesis 3:20; Wisdom 2:23–24}, because, by committing sin against God, and therefore, disregarding His absolute authority – that is by committing apostasy, they cut themselves from the Divine energy of God – the Source of life.

Subsequently, in their new condition [[being in sin that is in the state of fear of God’s judgment, which prompted them to attempt to hide themselves from God {Genesis 3:9–11; John 3:20–21}]], they became unable to withstand the Light of God, therefore, to accept and to carry the Holy Spirit of God.

With their actions, Adam and Eve established the pattern of death, which would be repeated countless times by their descendants – mankind. Many centuries later, Jeremiah the prophet would describe similar actions concerning the evil and idolatry of men and their consequent inability to carry life to which he refers to as to the living water {Jeremiah 2:13}: they committed two evils – rejected God Who is the Source of the water of life, and transformed themselves into the broken vessels incapable to carry the water of life.

Hence, through the original sin, the typical pattern of death came into being:

rejection of God as the only Source of Truth and authority

[[without understanding that, with rejection of God, Who is the Source of Life,

the one rejects the very own life]]

acceptance of the false of the liar,

because of apparent/material attraction and desire to possess it

[[without understanding that appearance–surface might differ from the true essence–core]]

disobedience and distrust to God

[[without understanding that, because of distrust to God

followed with dismissal of the Absolute authority of God,

the one has to serve another deity – imaginable/false idol,

because there are no other gods besides the only One True God the Creator]]

followed with

↓ ↓

rejection of truth → acceptance of lies


The essence of the typical pattern of death:

separation from the Source of life →inability to accept–contain–utilize the energy of life

degeneration–perversion →collapse–disintegration →death

In theological terms, the original sin is the first act of idol–worship – apostasy, which has initiated/brought forth the realm of death. Within this realm of death,

the words/truth of God the Creator might be disregarded

[[Eve disobeyed words of God, and accepted as truth the words of the crafty brute]]

the lies might take the place of the truth

the actual absolute authority of God the Creator might be supplanted

with the imagined authority of liars, false gods/idols

[[humans disregarded the warning of God, and accepted lies of the crafty brute;

furthermore, they attempted to hide themselves from God the Creator revealing therefore, the instant collapse of reasoning/mind

(who ever would be able to hide himself from God the Creator?), which was disconnected from God and is unable to receive

πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος – the breath of Almighty God, the Divine Energy, that sustains life of the reasoning/mind]]

instead of the worship of True God the Spirit,

people can choose the worship of “other gods” – idols, which are figments of human imagination,

and which often are embodied into the material objects

or can impact life of men through the material objects and power of coercion

[[e.g., disobedience to God and following attempt to hide themselves from God opened the path for the lawless “son of perdition,”

through whom “the mystery of lawlessness” works, who makes god from himself, takes his sit at the temple of God

{2 Thessalonians 2:3–12},

and falsely asserts himself as the highest authority in the matter of life and death – here at the earth and in the after–life]]

The lies of the crafty brute of Genesis, which the humans accepted as the truth initiating therefore, coming into being the root of all evils –– the false knowledgeΣ41, expose the reality of perverted logic, which made possible the original sin.

Knowledge of the lawΣ7 facilitates understanding of the original sin, through which evil and deathΣ491 entered the perfect world created by God and given to man to love, to cherish, to toil, and to lead to evolution.

If the one does not accomplish the will–law of God, the law – universal code in accordance with which the universe was created and exists, he perverts own nature and commits sin: he serves the enemy –– the arch–evil, because the one can have only one master {cf. in: Matthew 6:24; Luke 4:5–8; 16:13–15; John 14:30; 17:14–16}. The one who sins also enthrones the arch–evil as his god and puts the knowledge of the evil at the place of the knowledge of the law of the only One True God. The root of the original sin (and any sin thereafter) is rejection of the authority of God: overthrowing of the AbsoluteΣ1.

If to define sin as violation of the law of God {1 John 3:4}, or as rejection of the words–commandments of God and the following inability to accomplish the will of God, the essence of the original sin might be envisioned as the subversion of the Absolute – apostasy accomplished through the chain of substitutions:


of the imagined authority of the pretender/liar

instead of the true authority of true God


of the false/lies

as the truth


of death

instead of life

In the contemporary terms, the one could infer that the original sin became the core/code of special realm/reality/world/system, in which

1/ difference among the levels of complexityΣ46 has been disregarded

[[the root: assumption that the immortal man created by the Spirit of God and living/taught

by the Divine energy – breath of the Almighty can accomplish ascent to the highest levels of authority and power

(becoming “as gods”) by circumventing the will of God (God forbade cognition of the evil),

and through learning the knowledge of evil, which the warning of God already associated with death

(deathΣ28 is disintegration–dissolution of the wholenessΣ378 of life)]]

2/ the mind operates upon the assumption that a system/event/thing at the lower level of complexity

[[an object within the world given into dominion of man – e.g., the tree of knowledge of good and evil]]

could have potency to initiate and actualize evolution of man

[[who was created in image of God and likeness and who had to dominate the world and lead it to evolution.

Therefore, the human mind already had the highest complexity within the world given into the dominion of man]]

and can empower man making him capable of ascending at the higher levels of knowledge

[[at the level defined by the crafty brute “as gods knowing the good and the evil”]];

this assumption, which might be referred as simplificationΣ211,

became the foundation for creating knowledge, making decisions, and pursuing purposes,

even those of survival, development, and evolution

[[e.g., conviction, upon which the contemporary natural, biological, and medical sciences operate:

by studying nature of rodents the one can obtain knowledge of human nature,

and develop remedies that would cure human diseases]]

3/ the reasoning/mind operates upon the false assumption that

it might create adequate knowledgeΣ39

upon false knowledge and without observing the law of God

[[the root: rejection of the words of the Creator, and acceptance of the lies of the brute/heathen as the truth]]

The acceptance of the lies of the crafty brute of Genesis as the truth that has initiated coming into being the root of all evils –– the false knowledge, exposes the reality of perverted logic, which became the reality of the earth cursed for the sin of men. After exile to the cursed earth and acceptance of this perverted logic, the mind was able to create the heathenismΣ22 and to worship the brute of Genesis as deity: the majority of mankind came under the sign of the serpent, perverted the ways of all flesh, and have been eradicated by the Flood {Genesis 6:6–14; 7; 8; 9; Jude}.

The history of the post–Flood ancient civilizations is the history of bestialization of man: ultimately, the nature of beast supplanted the human nature and the many from creations of God, even those of the chosen nationΣ84, became children of the arch–evil {John 8:3747}.

In general, all heathenΣ541 cults stem from the same root – recognition of the “divine absolute” animal–serpent/death as deity and rejection of God the Creator – giver of life.


the original sin has

a/ opened the reality, in which the imagined authority of false gods/idols may supplant the actual absolute authority of God the Creator, and therefore, the by the heathenism may supplant true religion of only One True God [[the heathenism is worship of figments of human imaginationΣ38 intently brooding over the evil; the essence of heathenism is worship of the arch–evil that either takes images of different idols/false gods or is worshiped directly as it is in religions and cults openly based on the serpentine mythical theology of the OrphicsΣ22]]

b/ initiated realm, within which the mind might operate with the logic of simplification disregarding the law of the adequate complexityΣ495

c/ initiated the reality of death, in which the adequacy of levels of complexity is not observed, inadequate knowledge/lies might be accepted as truth, and false knowledge might be created–accepted–actualized and then, might initiate collapse and lead to the total ruinΣ3.

Acceptance of inadequate/false knowledge as truth originated the logic of simplification – the logic of deathΣ211; death – because it operates with false knowledge that contradicts the Truth of God. It has, for instance, initiated the work of imagination–creator of assumptions in those who were flesh and who made all flesh of the pre–Flood world to pervert its ways upon the earth. Starting with the original sin, imagination of man was set to be intently brooding over the evil since youth {Genesis 3:7; 6:2–14; 8:20–22}, thus, to accompany the mind focused on the evil until the end of the world.

The logic of death could be the consequence of the initial trap masked with a natural desire of ascension to the highest level of perfection: the lies alleged a possibility to become “as gods” through cognition of knowledge of the good and the evil, while man was created to evolve and to dominate the evolving worldΣ67.

In fact, human beings already were “as gods” by their very nature: they were immortal beings created in image of God and likeness – they were formed by God the Spirit and they lived by the breath–energy–Spirit of the Almighty Immortal God the Spirit {Genesis 1:2, 26–27; 2:7; Job 32:8; 33:4; John 4:24; 10:34; Wisdom 2:23}.

Thus, the initial task of the perverted logic was to undermine knowledge of the divine nature of man and to denigrate him at the level of the brutes – material arrangements of the earth that live not by the Spirit of God, but by the derivatives – fruits of the earth, therefore, not by πνοη δε Παντοκρατορος – the Divine Energy/breath of God that empowers and teaches the mind, but by the energy transformed for sustaining the lower levels of complexity [[e.g., fruits of the tree, or knowledge of things that are not consistent with the nature of the world (for instance, such inconsistency is knowledge of death within the world created for immortality)]].

After expulsion from the Paradise, and then, on the pre–Flood and the post–Flood earth, the task of bestialization of men is accomplished by

1/ the heathenism – idol–worshipΣ29: the false religions that

embody the lethal hatred of the crafty brute – reptile at the earth,

which was created by earth according to its kind and cursed by God

to creep on its breast and belly upon the earth

eating the dust in all days of its life and being the worst enemy of men

{Genesis 3:15–16}


men who were created by God in His image and likeness

For the sake of compliance with these religions, human beings were, and still are sacrificed to demons, deified beasts, false religions, deified leaders, states, and other idolsΣ29. These religions sustain themselves with the laws that demand corporal punishment, mutilation, beheading, capital punishment of men created by God, justify slavery, forceful conversion, discrimination, persecution and extermination of people of other religions and walks of life – all these evils committed for the sake of proof that a human being is earth without immortal soul and without dignity of creation of God

2/ the atheist–marxist–darwinist ethics–free sciencesΣ141, which denigrated man at the level of animals [[in compliance with the Orphic mythical serpentine theology]], study the human nature through studies of rodents, animals, insects, plants, and pervert the nature of men and the nature of other living being by genetic experiments, creating chimeras, DNA “editing,” use drugs and vaccines developed on rodents, chicken eggs, genetically modified animal and human cells, etc.

3/ social and political doctrines and ideologiesΣ490 based upon Plato–Aristotle’s philosophical–political–religious utopiasΣ337 derived from the Orphic mythical serpentine theology and Orphic philosophical doctrineΣ22, which denigrate man at the level of slave of his imagined/false gods/idols and present him as an inferior creature whose nature must be improved by transforming it into likeness of the nature of beasts.

The ultimate embodiment of hatred of the arch–evil – brute of Genesis to men is execution by crucifixionΣ125, during which the breath of life is slowly extinguished within a human being lifted up on the cross [[invention of the Phoenicians – the cursed peopleΣ131]] – the tree of cognition of evil, on which a human being has to cognize the ultimate evil: the most agonizing and inhumane death intended to express rejection of and hatred to God the Creator Who gave to a human being the breath of life.

To protect the mind from contamination with the false knowledge, a Christian should remember that any concept, assertion, philosophical or other doctrine, and religion is build upon a general core [[theology]] and within the knowledge framework that embody the attitude toward God and attitude toward man. This core is the key for understanding of the essence of created knowledge, its source–root, and the destructive potential.

Hence, the one who desires to understand the essence of any religion, to discern what is the core –– either the Absolute Good or the lethal poison of the arch–evil –– any religion, any article of faith, any philosophical, political, social, religious, scientific, etc., doctrine should comprehend the core/main message: the attitude toward God and the attitude toward man.

In particular,

1/ any contradiction of the words of God signifies lies of the arch–evil

2/ any shadow of hostility to a human being, any disrespect to freedom of thinking, freedom of the conscienceΣ371, and dignity of a human being, selective justice, acceptance of the possibility of coercion in the matters of conscience, religion, and moralityΣ345, assertion of own right to sacrifice another man’s life, freedom, and well–being for the sake of any figment of imagination/idol, belittlement of one human being for the sake of another man, group, or establishment, racism, justification any form of discrimination, any coercion in the matters of religion, conscience, political and other convictions – any and all these features reveal their source/root: the arch–evil that was murderer of man from the beginning and father of lies {Genesis 3:15–16; John 8:42–44}.

Consequently, any concept, doctrine, religion, etc. that conveys negative attitude–hostility–animosity–disrespect to the Triune, the only One True God the Creator and to His creation – a human beingΣ433 should be rejected as the false and dangerous misconception, because it leads to collapse of human reasoningΣ19, to which death of people and ruin of their establishments are the inseparable companions {e.g., in: Isaiah 59:1–15; Wisdom 1; 2:21–23}.

The one may ask: how death and evil became possibility and even reality of the daily life of the many in the world created for eternity, if the earth was created perfect as all creations of God are perfect?

The evil, perversion and death were empowered to become the actuality because the nature of the earth has been modified/changed.

In particular, in Genesis 3:18–19, God speaks of επικαταρατος η γη – cursed/downgraded/destabilized earth:

επικαταρατος η γη εν τοις εργοις σου, εν λυπαις φαγη αυτην πασασ τας ημερας της ζωης σου.

Ακανθας και τριβολους ανατελει σου

cursed is the earth in thy labors, in pain shall thou eat/consume of it all the days of your life.

Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee

επικαταρατος – cursed – is derived of επικαταρρεω – to cast down, destabilize, subvert, weaken, downgrade

γη – earth, man

εργοις of εργον – business, labor, work, activities, functions, necessities, accomplishments, establishments, fights, cultivations, possessions, creations, things, profits

εν λυπαις – in sorrow, grief, distress

φαγη – eat, consume: use, utilize

ακανθας also means the acute perception of failure

τριβολους as derivative of τριβω – devastation, destruction, depletion, the ability to be worn out, to end premature.

The compound Greek world επικαταρατος, that usually is translated as curse, conveys also meanings of downgrading–degeneration–descent to the lower level of complexity, abilities to be unsuccessful in all endeavors. Eπικαταρατος – curse/cursed – is derived of επικαταρρεω – to cast down, destabilize, subvert, weaken, downgrade. Part of επικαταρρεω/επικαταρατος is καταρα(ν), in which

κατα – a particle with the meaning of completeness, totality, application of force

ρα/ι– – the archaic root of the cluster of words with meaning of forceful destruction (e.g., ραιω), weakness, susceptibility to adverse influence (ραων), insanity (μωρια/μοριον), and so on.

So, the meaning of the curse might be seen as an identification or prediction of the inner self–destruction and the outer consequences determined by the processes of degeneration→disintegration.

Since, within the new setting (cursed/downgraded/destabilized earth) arranged for human cognition of the evil

a/ false knowledge might be produced, offered as the truth, accepted by men, and let to circulate within human establishments – societies, religious, political, research, educational, and other institutions

b/ the cohesive powerΣ156 – knowledge that should sustain wholeness–life, survival, and development of establishments – might carry the false knowledge inadequate to the human nature, nature of the world, and daily reality of societies, states, nations, which initiates processes of

degeneration→collapse →disintegration

c/ the debilitated by false knowledge mind has to pass through the cycle of extermination:

acceptance of false knowledge → collapse of reasoning → perversion → degeneration → death

For instance, the first curse, which the earth received after original sin, defined the meaning of new – perverted – nature. Because of disobedience, therefore, violation of the universal Law – the Will of God the Creator, man whose initial purpose was evolution and maintenance of the world given in his dominion, cognized the evil, from which he had to die: to come through disintegration of his body formed from the dust/matter.

Man was created to be the keeper and laborer of the originally immortal world; therefore, he had to be inseparably connected with it. Consequently and inevitably, perversion of the human nature, which results in corruption of a human being and disintegration of a human body, should have an impact on all domains connected with man: susceptibility to corruption and subsequent disintegration/death had to become the inalienable features of the entire man’s world. So, the earth became corrupted in such a degree that instead of the fruits that sustain life, it became capable of bringing forth useless weeds and poisonous plants, similarly to as Adam and Eve has brought forth their fruit of disobedience to their Creator {in: Genesis 1; 2; 3}.

Another example: the curse cast by Noe on his grandson Canaan [[to be παις, παις οικετης – child–slave, young bond–servant in household – in: Genesis 9:18–27]]. In this case, the curse identified the matrix of the evil already imposed on mind of his son (Cham), which, through his son (Canaan), had to become the feature of his descendants. For instance, the contemporaries mentioned knowledge of curses, malediction, and sorcery demonstrated by the PhoeniciansΣ131 – the cursed descendants of the cursed man {Genesis 10}: obviously, the Phoenicians acquired proficiency in identification of their own evil, which they carried within, in the others.

Their curses could be also the acts of revenge, with which they attempted to impose the evil on those who somehow became their enemy or intervened with their purposes: they attempted to spread their evil on those who they cursed. Probably, their habit to burn their first–born sons in fire [[in their system of beliefs, fire had the purifying power: those who were burnt as a sacrifice received the place in the Phoenician paradise, while all the others who died by other forms of death, were doomed to vanish in the infernal blinding fog]] was the desperate attempt to erase this evil curse along with its carrier, even if price is own fist–born child.

And I think about the horrendous and awful price paid by mankind for one initial act of disobedience–rejection of God the Creator, for apostasy. It is not in the power of any man to undo the thousands of years of suffering, crimes, sins, death that are the human history and to restore man to his initial perfection.

Only the love and the power of God have redeemed and reconciled men with God the Creator and set them free from slavery of evil and sin: by Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, because of Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, and in Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who took on Himself the sin of the world and placed His Soul for His peopleΣ59, men may leave behind darkness of the unspeakable evil, irredeemable crimes, and curse of death. Because of the Word–God and by the Holy Spirit, new creations of God came to the Light to have the abundant life in the eternal kingdom of God {John 1; 3:16–21, 31–36; 6:28–69; 10:1–18; 11:25–27; 12:44–50; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; James 1:17–25; 1 Peter; 2 Peter 1; 1 John; Ephesians 1; 2; Revelation 21; 22}.

Since, as the ancient king speared by God, a Christian could say:

O Lord, Thou has revived my breath, and I am comforted and live.

For Thou has chosen my soul that it should not perish,

and Thou has cast all my sins behind

{Isaiah 39:16–17}…

Original Post: Sunday, February 11, 2018


Notes Numbers (e.g., Σ59) refer to Notes to Selections_&_Reprints


Redemption of the Original Sin and The Original Sin and the Curse of Death will be included in Selections_&_Reprints. Part 7