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2. April 14–16, 2019, I read:

The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accelerated, And That Could Have Apocalyptic Implications For All Of Us.” By Michael Snyder. April 11, 2019

[http:// themostimportantnews. com/archives/the–weakening–of–earths–magnetic–field–has–greatly–accelerated–and–that–could–have–apocalyptic–implications–for–all–of–us]


some articles published @ www. spaceweather. com

Interesting articles concerning changes of the Earth magnetic fields. The main concerns of scientists are significant weakening of the Sun and Earth’s magnetic fields already resulting in intensification of streams of the cosmic rays (with increase 18% since 2015 [6_2_1], shifting of the magnetic pole, dramatic change of global weather patterns, expected damages (to electrical infrastructure), and perhaps, some other consequences.

Also other implications.

The information for consideration:

The processes of destabilization of the Earth’s magnetic fields are not disclosed, as well as the reasons for weakening of the sun’s magnetic fields. Perhaps they are not known or cannot be even imagined. Although interactions among the Earth’s magnetic fields and streams of sun/cosmic particles is acknowledged [6_2_1]; however, their complete influence either is not analyzed or is not known. What I have found is just acknowledgment that

the magnetic energy is unleashed [6_2_2]

the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening [6_2_2]

– “there is a very complicated relationship between the sun, the Earth’s magnetic field and our rapidly shifting weather patterns” [6_2_3] [[definitely, this equation should include influence of the streams of energy particles from the deep space]]; perhaps, with time, the researchers will decipher that “complicated” connections.

there are connections among the increased flow of cosmic rays and health and life of human beings living on the Earth’s surface [6_2_4]; currently, cosmobiological research identified cosmic rays as probable reasons for cardiac disorders and death [6_2_9]

weakening Sun’s magnetic fields allow cosmic rays (flows of energy from the deep space) to enter the solar system; then, they make way to the Earth [6_2_5]

since 2015, cosmic rays increase about 13% over California, and 18% overall [6_2_6], while “controversial studies” [[“controversial” obviously means inconsistent with common climate–gate–participants narrative]] suggest that cosmic rays “could affect weather and climate,” “seed clouds,” and “trigger lightning” [6_2_6]

under the flow of cosmic/other energy streams causing magnetic storms and even “magnetic explosions” [6_2_8], Earth’s magnetic fields “shake and vibrate” [6_2_7].

The basis of consideration:

There are three components of the foundation for the overall conclusion that can be made on the referred above information: theological, philosophical, and logical.


Theology offers the basis for understanding of inseparable connection between a condition of the planet Earth and human compliance with the law of God and accomplishment of the will of God. Starting with the Old Testament, this connection is asserted in many texts; one of the main inferences is given by St. Peter and St. Paul the Apostles when they writes of the ones [Christians] whose faith should make them stand above earthly elements and out of the time of retribution {2 Peter 3; Galatians 4:9–10; Colossians 1:10–19; 2; 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11; Ephesians 2}.

For instance, the Holy Scriptures:

describe human abilities (given to the Hebrew Prophets and to disciples and Apostles of Lord God Jesus Christ) to influence, because of the faith and by the power received from God, the conditions of the land, including weather: 3 Kings 17; 18; 4 Kings 1:2–17; Matthew 8:23–27; 14:22–33; Mark 4:35–41; 11:12–14, 20–24; Luke 8:22–25; 9:52–56; James 5:16–18;

provide warning concerning punishment of apostates and sinners by conditions or even total destruction of the land: Genesis 3:18–20; 6:6–8, 12–14; Deuteronomy 28; 30; Isaiah 2:6–21; 3; 5; 59:1–15; 2 Peter 3; and the others.

Therefore, even as of today, for Christians who believe that the Holy Scriptures reveal knowledge of the Past, Present, and the Future, as well as of the foundations of the Earth {e.g., Wisdom 7}, the information mentioned in the referred articles already may serve as confirmation of certain events and expectations.


Christian (Orthodox) philosophy – philosophy of the Absolute Good – provides concept of the Absolute Good and concept of the omnipotent human mind that operates on the basis of Christian Orthodox theology, according to the universal law of perfection. Consistently with these concepts, the human mind is considered as the executor of the will of God leading the realm allotted for existence of mankind toward development–optimization–evolutionΣ79 [[see also The Absolute Good and The Mind]].


Systems LogicΣ12 – the logic of complex systems, which is based on the systems theory – theory of the wholenessΣ80, provides the methods of analysis and justification of inferences.

Preliminary Inferences

Description of the end of the Earth left by St. Peter {2 Peter 3} and other information given by the Holy Scriptures suggest assumptions:

the Earth is the vortex of magnetic and other fields, which contain–store and control transformation of the energy sustaining life and development–evolution of the planet and its dweller – mankind [[see also concept of the UniverseΣ68]]

act of creation is the unity of three elements:



the law/code/ΛογοςEnergy

act of destruction is noncompliance with the law/codeΣ28, because of which the power is withdrawn and energy is released destroying the material things into which it was embodied

human mind, which was created in image of God to dominate the earth and to lead it to development/evolution {Genesis 1:26–28} is the frontier systemΣ78 – a part of the executive subsystem of the Universe, through which the divine energy of creation sustains the evolutionΣ79. As such, the mind operates at the boundary between the realm of God the Spirit – the Creator, and His creation – material world; it receives the divine energy of creation and embodies it into own creations: thoughts, knowledge, plans, words, actions, with which it sustains life of the planet

God the Spirit and the Creator

realm of God the Spirit


human mind


↓ ↑

material world

the mind, that rejected the law of God or violates it, is not empowered to receive and to utilize the divine energy. In such a case, according to description left by Moses {Deuteronomy 28; 30}, other Prophets, and the final words of God {John 15:1–6}, the mind deprived of the divine energy is doomed to “death” – to be burned in fire; the habitat of mankind is destroyed, land is losing its fertility as well as the overall ability to sustain existence of living creatures; people are exterminated with plagues, diseases, mental illness (mind is struck with insanity, becomes displacedΣ81), violent winds, “iron sky,” wars, famine, and other means of annihilation

godlessness, corruption, and perversion now have reached the global – planetary – level

man, created to toil and to cherish the earth in love and dignity, became butcher, murderer, organ–harvesting cannibal, and criminal that has poisoned soil, air, rivers, oceans, seas, oceans, exterminates own offspring (by abortions), conducts unnatural experiments on living nature, mingles human and animal DNA, creates chimeras, does genetic editing and inhumane experiments, which trigger irreversible mutations and death of living beings – again, as in the pre–Flood times {Genesis 6:12–14}, man corrupted and perverted the way of flesh on the Earth

war against Christianity and genocide of Christians reached the global – planetary – level; as the consequence of extermination of Christians – the holy race of the priests and people of God that possess the complete knowledge of God {1 Peter 9:10; 2 Peter 1:2-11}, there is not enough minds, which live by the law of God: the net of the mind receiving the divine energy of life and sustaining the level of earthly energy necessary for securing survival of mankind became inadequate.

Consequently, the planet, which has been transformed into a habitat of criminals and perverts, is facing disintegration; anyway, it looks like man’s quest for the knowledge of the evil is complete; for instance, is still any evil left unknown to man, is any crime or sin against God, other men, and the Earth, which man has not done?

How much time is left before the ultimate destruction of the Earth – only God the Creator knows the day and the hour {Matthew 24:34–36; 2 Peter 3:8–10} – χρονος; it may be one day, and it may be thousands of years. For us, the people of God, it is enough to know that καιροςΣ71 as the time of the Last Judgment and annihilation of the evil mentioned by God almost 2000 years ago is coming {Matthew 24; 25}.


The process of collapse had been initiated as it was told by God {Matthew 24}, and its pattern might be described as the following:

the streams of energy particles from the deep space and the Sun began to change and to destroy the energy–structures of the vortex that contains–stores–transforms the energy that maintains life of the planet

under these death–carrying streams, the structure of the geomagnetic and other fields that are the vortex – earth – is changing: destabilizing

with the change of geomagnetic and other fields that compose the structures and maintain stability of the vortex of energy [[the energy, which is embodied into that what man perceives as the material world – earth]], the “containers” of life–sustaining energy begin to “leak” releasing the energy into the vortex and surrounding space. That is not the natural process: this is disintegration, and it will be completed as St. Peter described {2 Peter 3:10–12}

the energy that is released unnaturally initiates the weather abnormalities, such as excessive wild fires with firenadoes, floods, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and others. In general, the pattern is similar to the pattern of release of energy during earthquakes, which liquefy the soil [[transforms it into unstructured mass of particles]] and destroys all what is sitting on it; particular difference: energy is released into atmosphere in which they may have increased effect, even at the global scale

with each unnatural leak/release of the energy, the vortex of geomagnetic fields is changed, and the Earth is loosing its original protection. Scientists identified that loss as “weakening of Earth’s magnetic field”

ΣτερεωμαΣ76 of this world is disintegrating, and when disintegration reaches the irreversible point,

ουρανοι ροιζηδον παρελευσονται, στοιχεια δε καυσουμενα λυθησονται, και γη και τα εν αυτη εργα κατακαησεται.

heavens will be gone with the crushing sound, the orders (arrangements, elements, principles) having inflamed will be dissolved,

and the earth and works in it will be burned up.

Τουτων ουν παντων λυομενων… ουρανοι πυρουμενοι λυθησονται και στοιχεια καυσουμενα τηκεται

Then all these being dissolved… the heavens being set afire will be dissolved and the burning orders will liquefy

{2 Peter 3:10–11}

Hopefully, God in His mercy, will give us at least some understanding and time to repent and to ask forgiveness for our sins and for that what we have done with the perfect world created by God for life and happiness {Wisdom 1:12–16; 2:23–24}.

I wrote on this subject after Fukushima earthquake, in 2011: “Pattern #11” – excerpt follows; see also Note 23 to Selections_&_Reprints. In the same file, see references to other concepts and explanations. Download @



Pattern #11

Some days after the 8.9 earthquake struck Japan, I found the LIDO website ( – Laboratori d’Aplicacions Bioacustiques of Universitat Poliitecnica de Catalunya, which recorded the low frequency sounds that accompanied the earthquake and aftershocks. The records were made on March 11, about 05:47 (UTC) by Hatsushima observatory and about 08:16 (UTC) by Kushiro observatory; they were adjusted for human perception.

When I heard the horrifying cry of the moving depths in the time of the initial earthquake and aftershocks, which destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant, I thought of the Last Day, when the elements of the world will be untied and dissolved with the crushing sound, and when the devastating impact of released energy will inflame and annihilate the earth {in: 2 Peter 3:10–13}.

Until then, what keeps the structure of the world operational, the water, air, and land separated, the energy–source of the matter (the matter, which we perceive as water, land, air) tied within the structured matter, so it sustains existence/manifestation of the formed/arranged matter – it does not destroy it? The force of energy release, which could be observed, for instance, during tornado or earthquake, makes all human endeavors to protect own existence and own creations pointless; it transforms even the fortified buildings and constructions into houses of cards.

What then, is behind the structure of the world, what sustains existence of the earth and human life on it?

As always, the answer is in the Holy Scriptures, the Book of Life created by God Who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the everything of man…

In Genesis, the story of the world begins with creation of heavens and earth: the earth was invisible (αορατος) and unfurnished/disordered (ακατασκευαστος), the darkness was over the abyss, and the Spirit of God moved over the water. Then, God created light and divisions of light and darkness. Next, God created the firmament – στερεωμα (steadfastness; something established) in the midst of water: the division between waters, which God named Heaven. Then, the water under the Heaven was collected in one place and dry land appeared. God called the dry land Earth; gatherings of the waters He called Seas {Genesis 1:1–10}.

At the time of Flood, when God decided to annihilate all perverted flesh that filled the earth with evil and iniquities, corrupted all, and the earth has reached its καιροςΣ71, all the fountains of the abyss were broken, the flood–gates of the Heaven were opened, and the rain was over the earth forty days and forty nights. So, the waters covered the earth; all flesh that has the breath of life and moved over dry land died.

Thus, God removed all living creatures out of the Earth; only Noah and those with him – humans and the others – were spared {Genesis 6:6–14; 7:11–23}.

Hence, creation of the inhabitable world began with establishment of a specific order (the firmament – στερεωμα), and destruction of the world was accomplished through breaking of this order, when the flood–gates of the Heaven {God called the firmament Heaven – Genesis 1:7–8} were opened.

As St. Peter the Apostle writes, the old heavens and the earth by water and through the water, being held together by the Word of God (του Θεου Λογω), through which the world by flooding with water perished {2 Peter 3:5–6}.

So, one of the meanings of στερεωμαΣ76 might be seen as the order created by the Word–God {John 1:1–3}.

Within the energy fields, which are separated and sustained by στερεωμα, the energy is stored, transformed, released, transformed again, or transferred out.

In general, στερεωμα is the framework or foundation for the set of energy fields made for transformations of the divine energy into a particular structured matter (e.g., water of the sea, dust of the land), the components of the world accommodating existence of mankind. Στερεωμα of this world is a particular manifestation of the universal order/arrangement/code that sustains/defines/creates divisions among the energy fields allotted for the cycles of energy transformations creating the perceivable structures of the matter at different levels of complexity. Life of the particular beings – inhabitants of the world composed with the structures of the matter – is possible only under the Heaven, within the στερεωμα – fixed arrangement of the energy fields with the limits, which humans measure with such parameters, for instance, as pressure, temperature, light, darkness, radiation, and so on.

Therefore, destruction of the world composed according to a particular order established by the Creator, should begin with the departure of the Creator – with the breaking of the order, dissolving/disintegration of στερεωμα, when the fields unable to sustain natural energy cycles would begin to “bleed” the energy.

These “bleedings” might be already detected in devastating “whirlwinds of destruction” – tornado, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, flooding, and other “natural” catastrophes, which release tremendous energy and destroy everything on their path. Changes of the magnetic fields and fluctuations of the gravity force, which are behind the visible perceivable “natural” catastrophes, are unseen by human eyes, yet, their influence on living beings is enormous.

St. Peter the Apostle {2 Peter 3:10–12} explicates the processes, which will bring the end of the world:

“…ουρανοι ροιζηδον παρελευσονται,

στοιχεια δε καυσουμενα λυθησονται, και γη και τα εν αυτη εργα κατακαησεται.

Τουτων ουν παντων λυομενων…

ουρανοι πυρουμενοι λυθησονται και στοιχεια καυσουμενα τηκεται…”

heavens will be gone with the crushing sound,

the orders (arrangements, elements, principles) having inflamed will be dissolved,

and the earth and works in it will be burned up.

Then all these being dissolved…

the heavens being set afire will be dissolved and the burning orders will liquefy…

The meaning of the “crushing sound,” with which the heavens will be gone, might be inferred by listening to the sounds accompanying the earthquakes. Then the entire earth will be embraced by the whirlwind of released energy – the vortex of flame will consume the world of men and liquefy all structures, orders, and arrangements, which currently shape the world and sustain its life.

There is also another significant point in the St. Peter the Apostle’s Epistle; he writes {2 Peter 3:11–13}:

“…Τουτων ουν παντων λυομενων

ποταπους δει υπαρχειν υμας εν αγιαις αναστροφαις και ευσεβειαις,

προσδοκωντας και σπευδοντας την παρουσιαν της του Θεου ημερας,

δι ην ουρανοι πυρουμενοι λυθησονται και στοιχεια καυσουμενα τηκεται. καινους δε ουρανους

και γην καινην κατα το επαγγελμα αυτου προσδοκωμεν, εν οις δικαιοσυνη κατοικει…”

Then all these being dissolved,

what sort ought you to be in holy behavior looking for and rushing to the coming of the day of God,

for which the heavens being set afire will be dissolved and the burning orders will liquefy;

but according to His promise, we look for the new heavens and new earth

in which righteousness dwell…

Apparently, if the earth and all works in it are destined to perish being burned/dissolved/liquefied/melt, is any action of man worthy of any value, can any tiny structure of matter survive, if the entire edifice is dissolved in all–consuming whirlwind of destruction?

However, St. Peter the Apostle’s Epistle reminds us the words of God: God’s promise that those who believe in Him and observe His commandments will not see death – they will have life everlasting, and God’s warning that those who are not in Him will be cast away and thrown into the burning flame {John 11:25–26; 14:6, 23; 15:5–6}. Or, as St. John the Apostle summarized the Christian teachings: God granted us the eternal life, and this life is in His Son. The one having the Son of God has life; the one not having the Son of God, does not have life {1 John 5:11–13}. Therefore, the presence of the Word–God – Λoγος – within the human soul–heart–mind is the pledge of the eternal life in the presence of God.

Then, what is the meaning of crucifixion – when the Son of God was crucified (εσταυρωσαν), when through the death of the Son of Man, the death as separation of man from God was abolished and man was resurrected for the life everlasting?

Why from all kinds of death invented by men for their brethren, crucifixion was chosen? Was it only because the Phoenicians used the tree of death as reminiscence of the tree in the Garden of Delight whose fruit delivered death to man? Or was it because through the cross, the Word–God – Λογος – was implanted (εμφυτον – implanted, engrafted) into the soul–heart–mind of man and became στερεωμα of God’s new creation, to whom St. James the Apostle refers to as to the “certain firstfruit of His creations” brought forth by the Word of truth for some purposes {James 1:18, 21}?

If God is the foundation and the strength – στερεωμα, and the essence of the human soul–heart–mind, the human soul shall survive dissolution, burning, liquefying, and whirlwinds of destruction of the matter: God gives life to everything He touches, yet, everything discarded by God has the only end – ultimate destruction.

To be touched by God and chosen for life, man must be good, create the good, and live by love to God and by love to his brethren: man must imitate perfection, mercy, and love of God {Matthew 5:48; Luke 6:36; John 13:34}.

During the Last Supper, God tells that

He came forth from the Father

He came into the world

and again He leaves this world and goes to the Father

He is leaving, yet He is coming to His followers who believe in Him and observe His commandments;

He will not leave them orphans they will see Him and they shall live, because He lives

He will take those who believe in Him in the House of His Father, so, where He is, they shall be

He gives His followers His world; He gives not as the world gives the heart shall not be agitated and fearful

He prays the Father concerning those who belong to God, yet, who remain in this world while He is leaving:

that all may be one, as You are in Me, Father, and I am in You, that they also may be one in Us…

I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in one”

He has given them the Glory that God the Father has given Him,

so, the love, with which God the Father loves His Son, may be in them and He the Son in them…

He does not pray concerning the world, which hates Him and hates His followers

who are not of this world: this world will not see Him again

the rulers of this world has nothing in Him, and he has been judged

{John 14:1–3; 18–19, 27–30; 15:18–25; 16:10–11, 16–17, 22, 28, 33; 17:9–26}

There are three lines in this message – concerning followers of God, concerning the world, and concerning the world’s ruler (the arch–evil, which this world worships):

1/ God will be with His people and they shall have the eternal life, because they are of God; although they are left in the world forsaken by God, they are not left by God: He and love of God is in them, and He will lead them to the house of His Father

2/ the world has hatredΣ82 to God and to God’s followers; the world is left by God, and it shall not see Him

3/ the world’s ruler has nothing in God, and he is condemned.

This is the main message of God to His followers, to those who believe in Him and observe His commandments.

The message is left for all those who want to survive and to find the way to God within the world, which has chosen to serve the evil and which, therefore, is left by the Creator and condemned to destruction.

The words of God make clear how to preserve life, even if the very framework, which accommodates the settings that make life possible, is to be dissolved in fierce flame. Only the divine energy, the power issuing from God {Luke 6:19} and creating life, is the assurance of continuing existence. The access to the divine life–creating and life–preserving energy is possible only through the Word–God: by faith in Lord God Jesus Christ, and through love of Lord God Jesus Christ…

Consequently, the meaning of a new creation – the firstfruit – opens as

The dwelling of Λογος the Word–God, the Wisdom of God,

the Creator of the universe –

in His creation: in the human soul–heart–mind

↓ ↑

life of human soul–heart–mind in God

{John 14:23; 15:11; 17:17–26}

Annihilation is destiny of the world of the matter – the settings for cognition of the good and the evil, through which a human being had to pass

for development of the ability to discern the good and the evil

for understanding of the perfect law of freedom

as the freedom from sin and from evil

for making free choice to love God the Absolute Good

and to follow Him forever

The first world created from water and held by water was destroyed by the water; the pending destiny of the current world is annihilation by fire; the destiny of the next world is the eternity, because it is created as the dwelling of those who carry the Name of God in the presence of God {2 Peter 3:5–13; Revelation 21:1–7, 22–27; 22:1–5}.

The message of love and forgiveness cannot be perceived by those who developed hatred to God: they have chosen their destiny, which is inseparable for the subject of their attachment and focus of their existence – the world of the matter.

Those who choose to love God and to observe His commandments will have new world of tomorrow to discover and to live, they will learn the patterns of everlasting life without limits and boundaries and restrictions of the temporal worlds of the Past, which were, and have gone, and of which there will be no memory. Yet, the beginning of these patterns is already here, within the world of today…”

Posted Wednesday, November 9, 2011”


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