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The Net offers the unconventional vision of the problems of the Past, Present, and Future; it is intended

a) to transmit knowledge of Christian teachings conveyed by the Gospels and Books of The New Testament

b) to serve evolution of the human mind in search of knowledge and ultimate freedom, which come through faith in Lord God Jesus Christ, the Word–God and Redeemer

c) to promote science created on the basis of the Christian (Orthodox) theology.

The Net:

1/ Christian’s Mind & the World by Alice Alexandra–Sofia – https://alicealexandrasofia.com

the purpose: to illustrate unbreakable wholeness of theology with daily life, research, business, society, etc.

the website offers Current Posts (weekly), Comments, and Library of my works for download (pdf) concerning

Christian teachings, Christian philosophy, Systems logic,

the heathenism, heathen philosophy, political theology, ecumenism,

problems of the current civilizations, and other questions

2/ Sunday’s Thoughts by Alice Alexandra–Sofia https://www.alicealexandrasofia.net

the website offers Sunday Posts (weekly) and Library of my works for download (pdf)

It continues work started with the original (2008–2019) website Sunday’s Thoughts,

which I had to renovate because website builder became obsolete.

The entire Archive of my Posts @ the Web for 2006–2019 is reprinted in thematic works, collections of files and

as reprints/excerpts in Notes to the files, which are offered for download @ Library Pages of my websites

Christian’s Mind & the World – https://alicealexandrasofia.com

Sunday’s Thoughtshttps://www.alicealexandrasofia.net

3/  A Quiet World of Alice Alexandra-Sofiahttps://alicealexandrasofia.info/

that publishes my pictures


About The Net’s Creator:

I am Christian, the US citizen, and independent researcher.

My purpose is to assist the mind that seeks complete knowledge, and therefore, asks questions concerning the good and the evil, life and death, purposes of existence, and others traditionally attributed to the realms of religion, philosophy, and logic.

I know that the complete knowledge, as well as wisdom, comes only from God: Christian theology is the natural foundation of all realms of human knowledge, including sciences. Without knowledge of God the Creator, the mind lives by dreams and figments of imagination.

For me, the highest wisdom, the complete knowledge, and the only framework for the true – adequate to the actuality – sciences are in the Christian teachings granted by Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God.

However, the original Christian teachings has been barbarically falsified by generations of philosophizing theologians, heretics, and servants of earthly leaders struggling for the “absolute power” over creations of God: they either misinterpreted or took away from people everything that enlightens the mind, leads to wisdom, grants ultimate freedom, and opens eternal life.

I think that those who seek God should have the greatest treasure – the Christian teachings – as it was given by God: unpolluted by the corrupted human imagination, uncontaminated by heresies, and unaltered by the human lust for the earthly power.

So, in February 2008, I began with

a) explanation of basic concepts of Christianity as it is given in the Gospels

b) analysis of theological, philosophical and logical concepts, with which the people attempt to find the meaning of

existence, to survive, and to live in dignity and prosperity

c) identification of heretical doctrines, false assumptions, and other obstacles that hinder 1/ freedom of thinking, 2/perception and acceptance of knowledge of the nature of things, and 3/ achievement of the main purposes of the mind that is evolving for the Eternity.

The foundation of my reasoning and research is the Christian teachings conveyed by the Holy Scriptures: the Septuagint and the New Testament.

My opinions are formed with

a/ my understanding of the Christian teachings

b/ Christian philosophy (doctrine of the Absolute Good, doctrine of the omnipotence and ultimate freedom of the human mind)

c/ the analysis and inferences developed with the systems logic (application of the general systems theory).

I am not associated with ecumenism, political theology, feminism, darwinism, socialism, materialism, other “isms,” and ideologies and their embodiment – organizations and establishments, which

– suppress the freedom of conscience, freedom of thinking, freedom of speech, and other basic human rights and personal freedom of a human being

– justify violence, spread bias and hatred, trigger unrest and conflicts

– by any means sustain any kind of perversion of the human nature and the nature of other creations of God.

I do not

a) initiate contacts, request/accept/store any personal or other information from Readers/Visitors

b) send unsolicited email, promote commercial services, form groups, enter political and other affiliations

c) express official opinions of religious, political, social, business, and other establishments.

Hence, I post the texts, which convey my personal opinion.

Privacy Policy: I do not request/collect/store/use any personal/business/private/etc. information concerning Guests, Readers, Visitors.

There is no need to register, use passwords and other cumbersome techniques to read the posts at my websites or download files: everyone is cordially welcome.

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2. I do not answer emails, tweets, and comments

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– promoting inhumane treatment of human beings and animals, social and political unrest, violence, pedophilia, bestiality, and any kind of perversion

– inciting unrest, hatred and violence against persons and groups with different religious, racial, ethical, political, and other features, preferences, orientations, and manners of life

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3. Although my texts and pictures published at my websites are my intellectual property (©), they are free for non–commercial use: all non-commercial Users – Readers may download, copy, print, store, reproduce, transmit, translate, and share them by any means.

In lieu of published paper books, the Readers are encouraged to download the files offered @ Library Pages of my websites.

Alice Alexandra–Sofia Savitsky


My name is Alice Alexandra–Sofia Savitsky, in short – Alice or Alice–Sofia.

My Company Systems Research & Development is located in Massachusetts, the U.S.

Email: alice_sofia@fastmail.fm

Twitter: @Alice_Sofia_