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 Featured Reprint for January:

The Code of Survival

…Turn away from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it…
{Psalm 33:14}

…Hope in the Lord, and do good, and dwell on the land, and thou shall be fed with the wealth of it…
…Cease from anger and forsake wrath: fret not thyself so as to do evil.
For the evil–doers shall be exterminated,
But they that wait on the Lord, they shall inherit the earth…
…the meek shall inherit the earth and shall be delighted in peace

{Psalm 36:3, 8–9, 11}


David the shepherd boy, prophet, and eventually, the king of the chosen nation, received from God the precious gift: the knowledge of God. David has written down the Psalms – songs, which convey this knowledgeΣ152: they carry the codes of survival – formulas of life.
By listening, reading, memorizing, and reciting the Psalms and then, by arranging life according to the knowledge conveyed by the Psalms, the generations of people received the power

a/ to comprehend the terms of survival – wisdomΣ9
b/ to achieve the purpose for the sake of which they have been born: to become the very Own people of God –

in the beginning, in the Judaic civilizationΣ203, slaves, servants, and priests

ultimately, in the Christian civilizationΣ204, immortal children and royal priesthood, the light in God,

and children of the Father of lights

{Matthew 5:17–48; John 1:1–18; 14; 15; 16; 17; James 1:17–18; 1 Peter 1; 2; Galatians 4:6–7; Ephesians 5:8–10}

All Psalms convey the life–sustaining knowledge; each of them has the special message revealing the Omnipotent power of God, and explaining the meaningsΣ1 of the Absolute Good of God, which the one should learn and imitate {Mathew 5:48; Luke 6:17–49; John 13:34–35; 15:12–17}, if he desires to obtain the everlasting
And I think that if the one desires to take his own road to perfection and completeness of understanding, he should devote some time for reading the Psalms
and thinking about the message conveyed through the Psalms. Perhaps, he would begin with the most straightforward ones, such as Psalm 33(34) and Psalm 36(37), which explain that

if the one desires to live and to see good, he should
call upon God

stay with God by observing His lawΣ7

live righteously
[[that is according to the law – The Ten Commandments]]

do good

deal with the others as he desires to be dealt with:
– cease from anger
– neither speak nor do evil

The one who reads the Psalms – the precious inheritance of the Judaic civilization – with attentive and unbiased mind, would discern in them the eternal
Wisdom that God grants to His children to accept it as the guiding Light into the eternity, to hold it as the key to His kingdom, and to live by it as the traveler in the arid
desert lives by the life–giving waterΣ132.

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