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Files  Selections_&_Reprints  and The Mind  have been updated, include new posts, notes, cross-references

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Vineyard and Its Lessons


includes Current Posts (weekly) and Featured reprints (Monthly) for 2017.

File is updated monthly; currently, it contains Current Posts for January--September, 2017
and Featured Reprints for January--October, 2017

File is available for download @ Library Pages of

Systems Logic, Sunday's Thoughts 2017, and Christian’s Mind & the World

Featured Reprint for September, 2017 - The Ways of Men
for October, 2017 - The Mind and the World

File Cyber Defense and Systems Logic - Selected Blog_Posts

Notes updated - Part IV (Syria)


is the basic file, which contains all Current Posts and Notes for 2008–2016.

Notes in new (2017) works

 refer to reprints in Notes to SELECTIONS_&_REPRINTS.

All Readers who download files from the Library, are advised to begin with the basic file SELECTIONS_&_REPRINTS,

in which they find reprints of the posts referred in works published in 2015-2016.

The file SELECTIONS_&_REPRINTS is updated regularly, to include new Current Posts for 2017


Weekly Current Posts for 2017 are offered @ Sunday’s Thoughts 2017, re–printed @ Christian’s Mind,

and included in Archive Collections @ Sunday’s Thoughts 2017

In Files offered for download @ Library Page, Notes and references are updated to include latest posts and notes.

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Christian’s Mind & the World by Alice Alexandra–Sofia

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Systems Logic by Alice Alexandra–Sofia

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